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Beautiful D. Feb 24 140 views

How long will it take to go from Cna to a Neonatal Nurse?

My name is BeautifulReality , I am 17 years old & I attend the Paul Simon job corps ! I'm interested in eventually becoming a neonatal nurse. My trade is currently cna. #nursing #nurse #neonatal #medicine...


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Liberty L. Nov 20, 2019 139 views

What steps do I need to take in order to become a neonatal nurse?

I am a freshman student who is interested in becoming a neonatal nurse. I want to know more information of how to become a neonatal nurse and what steps I need to take in the future. #neonatal #nurse #nursing...


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Alyssa A. Aug 27, 2019 70 views

What is like to be a neonatal nurse?

I'm a junior in high school. I am an athletic trainer so i have some experience. #medicine #physical...


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Larissa H. May 21, 2018 245 views

What are the best qualities a neonatal nurse could have?

Thinking about becoming a nurse on it could work on the nicu as a neonatal nurse. What qualities are the best to have in order to become a neonatal nurse? #neonatal nurse #nurse #qualities #nursing #healthcare #neonatal-nurse #hospital-and-healthcare...


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Larissa H. May 21, 2018 274 views

What are the key differences in the career of a neonatal nurse versus a labor and delivery nurse?

I head read some information about this from artic also but I really would like to hear from someone who is actually working in those professions so I can chose which I would like to go into. #neonatal nurse #medicine #labor and delivery nurse #babies #delivery #nursing #healthcare...

#hospital-and-healthcare #neonatal-nurse

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Lily C. Apr 05, 2019 190 views

What is a day in the life of a neonatal surgeon like?

Hello! I was just wondering what the hours are like roughly and how flexible the schedule is. Also do you believe it’s possible to still have time for a family when pursuing such a demanding career. What would you say the best thing about the job is? Thank you for your time #medicine...

#doctor #medical-education #neonatal

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Bailey S. Mar 15, 2019 128 views
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Alexis K. Sep 05, 2018 181 views

What high school courses do I need to take to become a Neonatal Nurse.

I am a 8th grader wanting to become a Neonatal Nurse. I want to do this job because I love babies. I am wanting to know what High School classes I need to take to become this. #nursing #neonatal...


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katelynn E. Apr 16, 2018 490 views

how much do neonatal nurses make?

wanting to know how much neonatal nurses make #nurse #nursing #neonatal-nurse #neonatal #salary #pay...


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Mary D. Jul 17, 2018 200 views

Neonatal Surgeon

I am looking into options as to what I want to major in. Does anyone have feedback on neonatal surgery? #surgery #neonatal #infants #peds...


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katelynn E. Apr 16, 2018 253 views

what is the work schedule for a neonatal nurse?

i am trying to decide between being a dermatologist or a neonatal nurse but im curious to know how often nurses have to work #neonatal...


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Summer C. Apr 12, 2018 274 views

What is it like to be a neonatal nurse?

I am a senior at Lakeland HIgh School and graduation is just around the corner. I've already applied to a nursing program in my area, but I am already thinking about what comes after that. I'd like to know what the steps to becoming a neonatal nurse are and what it's like to be engaged in that...

#nursing #neonatal

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Bailey S. May 18, 2016 452 views

If hoping to get into medical school, what is the best path to take?

One of my friends keeps telling me it would be best to choose a major not many people choose so I am set apart; however, is it still a better idea to major in your science or something different? #doctor #medicine #surgery #neonatal #college #college-major #medical-school...

#hospital-and-health-care #healthcare

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Tahleia M. Oct 10, 2017 542 views

Can a neonatal nurse only work with healthy babies?

Can you major in neonatal nursing but not work with ill babies. #nursing #nurse...


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Brittani P. May 24, 2016 440 views

What are the most important classes to take for Neonatal Nursing?

I am about to become a freshman in college and I would like to become a Neonatal nurse. Ever since i was a little girl, looking through the glass at the babies was always the first thing an the only thing i wanted to do hen walked into a hospital. #doctor #neonatal #nursing #medicine...


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Bailey S. May 18, 2016 485 views

What residency would you start out with to become a neonatal surgeon?

I feel such passion for helping children and babies in need. There are many ways to be found on the internet about what path can be taken to get there; however, I would like a professional opinion on what the best route is? #pediatrics #surgery #neonatal #hospital-and-health-care...

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Camryn H. May 06, 2016 364 views
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Camryn H. May 06, 2016 398 views

How much does a neonatal make an hour?

I'm interested in becoming a neonatal. #medicine #health #salary #neonatal...


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Mariana R. May 25, 2016 573 views

For a neonatologist, are there constant needs for research and education in the NICU?

I'm an incoming sophomore at the University of the Incarnate Word. I've developed the love for working in the NICU in high school when I was a volunteer at the local hospital and now I essentially want to make a career out of it. I was able to shadow some doctors during my time there and only...

#hospital-and-health-care #health #doctor #neonatal #research

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Zaret L. Apr 18, 2017 511 views

On average how many years of schooling does it take to become a neonatal nurse ?

I am currently a freshman at a community college and am thinking about switching my major to become a neonatal nurse. However I am skeptical about it because of the fact that I am currently pregnant and I'm not sure that I would make it through. #nursing #registered-nurses #pediatric-nursing...