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what does a neonatal nurse do??

Im 14 years old Im a freshman ,My name is ahmiya.My dream career is to become a nurse butt not just any nurse but a neonatal.I want to be this because I want to help with care of sick children and other people. #neonatal #nurse.

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2 answers

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Teresa’s Answer

Hello Ahmiya, I also live in Memphis and have been a neonatal nurse since 1986. I love this type of nursing because it is so rewarding. There are four different levels of neonatal units. A level one unit cares for healthy newborns. A level two unit has babies who are small, but able to take feedings- sometimes they need help with a feeding tube to do this. A level three unit cares for babies who also need help breathing as well as help with feedings and growing. Some babies in this level also require some surgery and may have some pretty extensive illnesses. A level four unit is the highest level and is often where babies who require heart or brain surgery go to get their treatment.
I work in a level 3 unit where we care for babies who are premature and as small as a pound (some even less). They require time on a ventilator and oxygen as they grow stronger every day. I love working with the parents and showing them how they can hold their baby even with lots of tubes and wires. We obtain vital signs on the babies and report any changes to the doctors (neonatologists). We provide IV fluids and feedings to babies, give them medicines and keep them clean and healthy. Nursing is a great field and I hope you get the chance to perhaps be a summer intern as you get closer to graduation when COVID 19 is better under control.
Best of luck in your future!
Teresa Bentley, RN

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Jeff’s Answer

A neonatal nurse takes care of healthy newborns. They generally monitor their temperature, weight and oxygen levels. Neonatal nurses will also change newborn's diapers, bathe them, as well as teach new moms how to care for their baby.