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Career Questions tagged Risk Analysis

David’s Avatar
David May 24, 2016 2624 views

What are some major difficulties if one were to work for IT Audit, and Accounting? Also, what are some programming languages that suit IT Audit?

My name is David, a rising, college sophomore, who is majoring in Information Technology. As of now, my primary focus is web development, but I'm also interested in exploring my other career options that fall under the IT industry, such as IT Audit. #accounting #information-technology...

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Mar 04, 2016 949 views

What careers can I pursue with a degree in Math and Computational Sciences? (MCS) I'm interested in working in data analysis/optimization and wanted to know if an MCS degree was the way to go/as well as if anyone has any advice/info about being an analyst

Interested in working as a data analyst #computer #math #risk-analysis

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Mar 01, 2016 6783 views

How do you minimize the risk for errors in your work as an accountant?

I have always been interested in money and money management. I've talked to family members that does similar jobs and even a cousin that is a accounting. Never was I told the risk of making mistakes as a accounting, and whether it was easy to make mistakes. I question if accounting would be...