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How should I be preparing for the LSAT?

I want to be as prepared as possible when I take the LSAT to get into law school. What courses should I be taking and what books/resources should I be using independently? #law #law-school #legal-profession #legal-studies #lsat

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2 answers

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R’s Answer

The LSAT tests your abilities in: 1. Logic and 2. Reading Comprehension

The best courses/books for logic are: Formal Logic, Intro to Philosophy: Logic, Critical Thinking.

The best way to improve reading comprehension is to read more--preferably materials that are higher quality.

I've known few people who were naturally smart enough to score well on the LSAT without prep courses, but for all of us mortals, you should really look into an LSAT prep course--especially when you will take the test within a year.

Hello: I used the Powerscore LSAT books and they helped me a lot. They have a book for each section of the LSAT. I practiced that and practiced a lot of timed LSAT tests. Make sure you practice taking exams and time yourself as if you were taking the exam. Then grade and go over the test and go through each question and understand why you got wrong answers. I found that the most effective use of my time. Camille Edwards Bennehoff

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Charlotte’s Answer

Although they can be expensive, LSAT prep courses are really helpful in providing you the structure and setting to prepare for the exam. As others have responded, you should take a lot of practice tests to see what areas you need to improve upon, and then have a good schedule for taking practice tests consistently in the weeks/months leading up to the exam. The good news is that you can improve your reading comprehension and analytical abilities a lot with practice and discipline. Best of luck!