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Kody’s Avatar
Kody May 17, 2018 738 views

I am going to college to study law, specifically to become an attorney in public-policy making. What would be the best types of attorneys to job-shadow? What groups should I be involved with during college to best pad my resume for the future?

#law #experience #lawyer #law-school #attorney #lawyers

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna May 17, 2018 737 views

Is Pre- Law worth it if you don't know if you want to be a lawyer?

I am about to be applying to college, and I was wondering if prelaw is worth doing if you're unsure about your career aspirations? I plan to be a history major. # #career #lawyer

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra Dec 05, 2017 801 views

What are the qualifications you need to run for Supreme Court judge?

Been hearing a lot about the Supreme court lately. Didn't know what they have to do to be appointed. #judges #politics #lawyer #court #judiciary

Jaden’s Avatar
Jaden Sep 01, 2017 942 views

Is a political science major what you need to get into law school?

Most schools don't have a pre-law major, so I was wondering if political science would be the best major to do to get into law school. If not what careers could I find in political science.

#law-school #political-science

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Sep 01, 2017 1068 views

What steps should I take on my path to majoring in law?

I'm planning on majoring in law in college, yet I have very little idea as to what I'm supposed to do to get there. Any suggestions as to what courses I should be taking, how to apply to take the LSAT, etc. Anything that could help my clueless self!
#law #legal-profession #lsat #college-majors

Zymeria ’s Avatar
Zymeria Feb 09, 2017 839 views

Do you have to learn certain course like math or science or readings to be a lawyer

I think being a lawyer you should be prepared for something you wanted to do in your future or daily life #lawyer

Ziquilla’s Avatar
Ziquilla May 04, 2016 1337 views

What time of people do you meet being a lawyer?

Are most of them nice or are there different personality? #law #lawyer

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth May 18, 2016 1812 views

Is it easier to get into graduate school straight out of college or after working for a few years?

I am currently a rising senior in college and plan to pursue a graduate degree. As I'm planning for the future, I'm currently deciding whether or not I should enter straight into grad-school post-grad or wait a few years. Will either one impact my chances of getting accepted? #college #doctor...

Lilian’s Avatar
Lilian May 13, 2016 1267 views

What careers are available for a political science major?

Im about to start college in the fall and i have always had the idea of becoming a lawyer, but im not sure whether this career is for me. #lawyer #government #political-science #judges

Kenry’s Avatar
Kenry Aug 22, 2016 2878 views

What would a day in the life of a sports attorney be like?

I have a passion for sports; I love to debate; and I can be very persuasive when I want to be. I'm curious if I might like being a sports attorney. #lawyer #sports-management

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Mar 05, 2016 1819 views

What is the pay for an experienced lawyer?

To become successful lawyer, about how much would I make annually? #law #lawyer #compensation

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 18, 2016 1042 views

How useful would a journalism or english degree be in contingency with a law degree?

I want to go to law school to become a lawyer but I want to be an editor first, then later expand my education and change careers. How realistic is this plan and would the prior degree be of any help? #lawyer #judges #harvard

Ziquilla’s Avatar
Ziquilla May 04, 2016 1218 views

What is a quicker way to become a Lawyer?

Do you have to go to college so long? #law #lawyer

Tai’s Avatar
Tai Apr 05, 2016 918 views

How do I find a good law school ?

I'm looking for a law school that will prepare me #lawyer

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Oct 27, 2015 2536 views

what are the basics of being a lawyer

I am in 6th grade and I want to know what the basics of lawyers are #law #lawyer