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What careers are available for a political science major?

Im about to start college in the fall and i have always had the idea of becoming a lawyer, but im not sure whether this career is for me. #lawyer #government #political-science #judges

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3 answers

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Wael’s Answer

I think you should concentrate on this matter at the moment. Get it right early to avoid wasting time and money. Try to research the careers you are interested in to identify what you want to do. Regarding political science, the links below answer your question.


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Camille’s Answer

To be honest, becoming a lawyer is very EXPENSIVE (my law loans are almost $200,000) and time-consuming. And only worth it if you really want to be a lawyer. It's a professional degree and really only good for that.

Law school takes 3 full years after college. Then you have to take a bar exam. It is very time-consuming and expensive.

While you're in college, you can try getting a legal internship, try out a mock trial team/debate team if your school has it, and take legal classes your school offers. You also want to work on legal writing, being a lawyer is a lot of writing and research. These classes and activities can give you a glimpse of what the law is about.

After college,if you are still interested in law, I would recommend going to work for a law firm as a legal assistant or paralegal first. You can get an idea what the practice of law is like, and do that for at least a few years. Become a very good paralegal, and you may want to just do that. You can possibly earn pretty decent money and not be saddled with a ton a debt from law school.

Plus, as a paralegal it is easier to move around and find a job. For a lawyer, it can be difficult often because you have to be licensed in a particular state to practice there. Taking a bar exam is difficult, time-consuming, and expensive, so often that can make someone not want to move again.

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naveen’s Answer

Political Science with Management. Mass communication is the process while media are the vehicles that drive the process. The basic difference between mass media and mass communication rests on the fact that mass media is a channel through which mass communication contents are delivered to the public. mass media ie, is a channel.
The following are the fields where you can find entry
• Advertising.
• Journalism.
• Public relations.
• Social media.
• Audio media.
• Convergence.
• Civil services.
• Administration.
• International Affairs.
• Parliamentarians
• Politicians