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Gobinath P. Apr 27, 2016 615 views

How many automobile engineering collages are in Tamil Nadu?

hi i am gobi raj i am studing studing 10 standard my dream is to became an automobile engineer. I want to know how many automobile engeneering collages are in Tamil Nadu #professor #college #automotive #automobile #engineering #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer...


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Poomitha S. Apr 30, 2016 734 views

What is the education qualification to get into Archeology?

Hai i am poomitha i am studying 10th standard.my question is what is the education qualification for get into Archeology department. #professor #lecturer...


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anand P. May 03, 2016 624 views

How do I become an auto mobile engineer?

I have completed my 10th std and want to know which college is suitable for me to become a auto mobile engineer. #automobile #engineering #career #automotive #college...


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D'Andrea H. May 05, 2016 678 views

What college classes should you take to become a personal trainer?

My back up plan is become a personal trainer so I wanted to know what courses I should take for that career. #physical #physical-trainer #physical-fitness #career #college...


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D'Andrea H. May 05, 2016 568 views
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dinesh P. Jun 03, 2016 505 views

I want to know how to become an automobile engineer?

Hello i want to know what should i study to be come a automobile engineer? what to study in 11th & 12th grade and then what graduation and post-graduation should i do? #automobile #automobile-design...


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Freddy C. Jul 01, 2016 600 views
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Justin H. Jul 19, 2016 656 views

What type of software do they use for cad, and how to get a career in cad?

I want to know the software they use for cad, and what you should take in college or technical school....


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Amanda B. Oct 20, 2016 19113 views

Electrical engineering vs mechanical engineering??

I have done all kinds of research to try to figure out which one I should go into, but I still have no idea. They say mechanical engineering is nice if you like taking things apart and building things;whereas, electrical engineering is more for those who like a challenge. I fall into both...

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Matthew M. Sep 28, 2017 343 views

I want to be a Ford technician. What is the best school for that?

I am considering a couple schools but I am not sure whether it would be best to go to a technical school or a community college? Can you advise me please? #ford #automotive...


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Shalini S. Dec 28, 2017 401 views

What are the benefits of Railway Jobs ?

want to know about RRB benefits. #railroad...