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I am interested in politics, but i am not sure which job to pursue, what specific government jobs would you suggest?

Politics is my biggest interest, and in my future, I would love to hold a government job, but I dont know what specific job to look for. #government #political-science #politics

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4 answers

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Christopher’s Answer

Hey Alyssa,

My suggestion is start with internships in local government. Since you're close to San Francisco, apply to open internship programs with the city might open a lot of doors for you. The deadline for internships for the office of the Mayor is Jan 8, 2016 -- if you're interested you should check out this link below.


Hope this helps!

Thank You! Alyssa H.

thank you! harithana M.

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Wayne’s Answer

An interest in politics is a very broad statement. You can get involved in helping/running campaigns, work at the local elections board, or be a candidate your self. Every where has loca political parties. Each local party typically has a monthly meeting. You can attend the meeting as a visitor to see how politics work. Once you are able you can get elected to a position or volunteer with that local political party. This gives you experience in the candidate process and let's you easily meet other local elected officials. Typically local campaigns also have volunteer opportunities. Stuffing envelopes, making phone calls, etc. volunteering for a campaign gives you political experience from the campaign side of politics.

Typically those who want to work for campaigns or county election offices have a political science degree. If you are interested in being a candidate or elected official, there are no specific degree requirements. However, having local political experience will be one of the most valuable things that you can do.

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Mia’s Answer

Hi Alyssa

Politics is a great opportunity to work in your community that can help at the local, state and federal level. Talk with your guidance counselor to find out about volunteer/internship opportunities.

I hope this helps.

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Ken’s Answer

Here is a web site about becoming involved in politics:

Many people get involved in politics after they have become successful in some career area, so that they can show to people that they can make a difference.

A good first step is to get a solid education in an area that suites you.

Talk to you local counsel men and women and mayor to learn more about how they got into politics.

Sent thank you notes to those who help you.

Keep me posted. I would like to help further if I can.

Also, take advantage of any co-op, internship, shadowing, or volunteer programs which would allow you to become more involved and aware of what is available in govermment Ken Simmons

Thank you so much! I appreciate the advice, and I will keep you updated. Alyssa H.

Good luck! Enjoy the journey! Ken Simmons