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Career Questions tagged Judges

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Dejanna B. May 29 142 views
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Carissa D. Apr 17, 2018 478 views

How do I make connections in the world of law?

I'm hoping to go to law school after undergrad school to become an attorney and eventually become a judge. What resources are there to help me find my way in law, including finding jobs after I graduate and deciding more specifically what kind of law to practice? law lawschool attorney...


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Paola G. Jan 10, 2018 381 views

How hard would it be to become a Lawyer?

I am a junior. I am interested in law, being influenced by my mother who told me that it would be interesting. Looking into law, it seems very difficult so I wanted a first-person perspective. law law-school lawyer law-school law-school,-being-a-lawyer,-law-firms,-judicial-clerkships...

judiciary judges career-path

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Devetra C. Dec 05, 2017 444 views

What are the qualifications you need to run for Supreme Court judge?

Been hearing a lot about the Supreme court lately. Didn't know what they have to do to be appointed. judges politics lawyer court...


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Ilona C. Aug 29, 2017 668 views

What does a lawyer do?

I saw a movie about a lawyer and it looked pretty fun. What do they actually do? Also- there was a judge. What is the difference between a lawyer and a judge? lawyer judges...


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Luka G. Nov 19, 2016 793 views

To be a judge and/or a lawyer, do you have to be affiliated with a political party?

I am interested in being a lawyer and/or a judge and I was wondering if judges are part of a certain political party when appointed to a position? law lawyer politics judges...


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Forrest B. May 22, 2016 989 views

Will Cannabis or cannabis related industries, be the next production boom for america?

look at the media this is clearly a hot topic of debate, but for some reason talk has slowed I say lets re-open more discussion on this topic. lawyer entrepreneurship investing philosophy judges farming cannabis...


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Emily K. May 18, 2016 668 views

How useful would a journalism or english degree be in contingency with a law degree?

I want to go to law school to become a lawyer but I want to be an editor first, then later expand my education and change careers. How realistic is this plan and would the prior degree be of any help? lawyer judges...


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Lilian M. May 13, 2016 806 views

What careers are available for a political science major?

Im about to start college in the fall and i have always had the idea of becoming a lawyer, but im not sure whether this career is for me. lawyer government political-science...


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Akia M. May 05, 2016 646 views

what is the best university in North Carolina to attend to be a lawyer?

I want to make sure I am at the school to major in criminal justice and become a lawyer . colleges attorney lawyers...


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Amari J. Jan 21, 2016 12235 views

how hard is it being a judge and how much do they get paid daily?

Because i want to be a judge myself law...