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how hard is it being a judge and how much do they get paid daily?

Because i want to be a judge myself #law #judges

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2 answers

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N’s Answer

Becoming a judge is challenging yet very rewarding. I agree with the words from the previous poster. Judges work very hard thinking about challenging issues, researching the law and writing about it or drafting orders. It is challenging because you are called on to be fair, decisive, and respectful at all times. It means deciding who is being truthful and who is lying. It means keeping your opinions to yourself when the attorneys make a mistake or when you think you can do a better job handling a case. It means being careful not to use your high position in a way that is improper or will oppress others. It also involves holding yourself to a very high standard, to avoid any appearance of bad conduct or bad judgment. It is a challenging job because it never ends. A judge is always a role model and always in the public eye, so a judge should strive to always do what is right.
Judges do not get paid daily. Judges can be appointed or elected. All judges must complete the minimum requirements of a college and law degree and have some practical experience. It is also helpful to be active in your community, maintain an excellent reputation, and become active in your local politics. There are so many different levels of judges. There are administrative judges, city or municipal court judges, justice of the peace judges, civil court, family court, criminal court, appellate court, state supreme court, federal magistrates, etc. The salary may very greatly, but my best estimation would be between 125,000-300,000 a year depending on the jurisdiction and the court.

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Nelson’s Answer

Being a judge can be a very challenging and demanding job, but also a very satisfying job. To become a judge you need to go to college, get a degree, go to law school, get your law degree, and then work for awhile before becoming a judge. Then in most states you will have to run for election to a judicial seat.

All of this is a lot of hard work, but being a judge has its benefits. Judges occupy a very important role in our society and judicial system. They preside over, and decide, cases, both civil and criminal depending on the court. I worked for a judge during law school and the judge I worked for took his role very seriously. Judges earn a good salary, but not as much money as they would earn with their level of experience if they worked at a law firm. They are paid a yearly salary, which may be paid out to them monthly, or twice a month it really depends, but they are not paid daily.

Hope that helps!