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henry F. Mar 18, 2019 211 views

So how would i start in the cannabis industry?

so your boi is 14 and one of the careers I'm high key interested in is the cannabis one since I already have these things ready like the store that I can buy and some other stuff but I don't really know about all these kinds of seeds and how I would need to take care of them and like knowing...

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Forrest B. May 22, 2016 843 views

Will Cannabis or cannabis related industries, be the next production boom for america?

look at the media this is clearly a hot topic of debate, but for some reason talk has slowed I say lets re-open more discussion on this topic. #lawyer #entrepreneurship #investing #philosophy #judges #farming #cannabis...


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MC Frank M. Mar 01, 2016 640 views

Limited Career choice

.This must be a career limited to your state?...