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Limited Career choice

.This must be a career limited to your state? #cannabis

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Steve’s Answer

This is certainly a career that requires one to either live in or relocate to, a state that already has had the foresight along with the help of many advocacy groups, to legalize cannabis (either for "medical" and/or "recreational") for public consumption. So Colorado, California, Oregon & Washington State (I think)...However, personally, I am MORE THAN WILLING TO RELOCATE for an opportunity to pursue a career in this industry, as I am a strong believer in the benefits it can provide for many Americans whom suffer from a wide variety of illnesses. Not to mention that I personally feel that in the U.S., as we currently consume the largest amount of opiates as well as an array of other pharmaceuticals that are prescribed, many times with the patient unaware of the dangers that many of these medications carry, such as high potential for addiction (consciously or not). We have all heard the long list of side effects that are swiftly, stealthy, and RAPIDLY inserted at the very end of ads for new "WONDER DRUGS". Increased chance for cancer, suicidal ideations , increased depression, heart disease/failure, kidney/liver failure, restless legs, bloody nose, blood clots, internal bleeding, gastrointestinal issues, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,as well as impotence, even DEATH or, just a STROKE, no biggie...NO THANKS. If there is a natural occurring plant that has been growing on this earth for centuries (probably longer), that has been proven to alleviate or help to treat peoples illness's without the risk of any serious side effects (only negative one I can think of is possibly "Dry Mouth", as sleepiness or increased appetite may be considered side effects, they can be a positive for those suffering from Insomnia (I!), P.T.S.D. (HERE, HERE!), Anorexia, Chemotherapy patients with difficulty eating. My goal would be to work in a position where I can be of service, and help others who need it. I consider myself to be a very emphatic person, (trite, I know) able to "put myself in another's shoes", which allows me the ability to, better understand peoples views and emotions, find common ground in which to relate to, and communicate with and provide individuals with the services or goods they need and want.

Cool, thanks. MC Frank M.