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So how would i start in the cannabis industry?

so your boi is 14 and one of the careers I'm high key interested in is the cannabis one since I already have these things ready like the store that I can buy and some other stuff but I don't really know about all these kinds of seeds and how I would need to take care of them and like knowing me, the plants would get mold very easily
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3 answers

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Paul’s Answer

Hi Henry,

I hope all is well! I've never worked in the Cannabis industry, so I'm not an expert, but I think I may be able to help answer your question. You've probably heard many people say, "find something you love to do and make it your career", which is great advice, but what people often forget to mention, is that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get there.

I would never assume that you've ever tried smoking weed, and I would never recommend it, but if you're anything like me when I was 14 years old, chances are you may have dabbled a bit. If you want to have a career in the Cannabis industry because you may or may not love it, then making that a reality is going to take years of hard work. With cannabis becoming legalized in more and more states, there's billions of dollars being invested into the cultivation, distribution, and marketing of cannabis. This is serious money being invested by very serious people. Like any other industry, the cannabis companies are recruiting the best and brightest from across the world to come work for their companies.

If the growing is what your interested in, I would suggest pursuing botany or agriculture in college. If you're interested in the extraction element, I would suggest studying chemistry or pharmacology. If you're social media savvy, you may want to consider the digital marketing arm of these companies. If they have a great product, they need someone to get the word out or their business will fail. It's important to play to your strengths, so I would try to identify what you're good at and what you enjoy doing. If I were you, I would try growing a tomato plant this summer and see how it goes. You may be really good at it, you may be terrible at it, but until you try it, you'll never know. You may be better at selling tomatoes than growing them, or your strengths may lay in spreading the word about the health benefits of eating tomatoes.

Fortunately, you're young and you have some time to figure it all out. In the mean time, study hard. An education is something that nobody can ever take away from you, and it will help open doors you don't even know exist. If cannabis is the career you choose, just remember what Biggie said; "Never get high on you're own supply." Best of luck to you, Henry!

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Lee’s Answer

My friends daughter actually just enrolled to college to grow cannabis. Unfortunately I cant' remember the name of the program or university but it's out there and accessible to you (I found a few on google search). This is going to become a big industry in the US, so the more accreditation you have in terms of experience, education, and training will be able to take you farther than those without. Since you're still young and just getting started, I would suggest reading and learning as much as you can about the industry - there are lots of potential career paths. If you're truly interested in growing then you could start with basic horticulture classes which may or may not be available at your high school - growing cannabis is the same fundamentals as any other plant. :)

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Tina’s Answer

Hi Henry,

I have worked in the Cannabis industry for 5 years as an educator, project manager and outreach coordinator.
The skills you need to be successful in the Cannabis industry are the same as any industry including social skills, office skills, communication and enthusiasm. People skills are critical. Many jobs are available and the industry will continue to expand.
Depending on your interests, jobs are available in agriculture, sales, manufacturing, distribution, licensing, logistics and management. If you like science, laboratory skills, particularly chemistry, is a good area of focus.

I suggest you study hard and continue to focus on skills that would help you in any business.

For free Cannabis specific education I suggest checking out Americans for Safe Access (www.safeaccessnow.org) and Project CBD (www.projectcbd.org). Green Flower Media also has lots of classes and information although many of the classes are costly. Beware of information from random internet sites as they often contain inaccurate Cannabis facts.

Good luck!