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How do I make connections in the world of law?

I'm hoping to go to law school after undergrad school to become an attorney and eventually become a judge. What resources are there to help me find my way in law, including finding jobs after I graduate and deciding more specifically what kind of law to practice? #law #lawschool #attorney #judges

Great question, Carissa. Network through your college alumni office, pre-law advisor, pre-law society, family members, etc. Also, look for internships posted by your pre-law adviser or the career services office at your college. Good luck! Charles Roboski

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2 answers

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Jenna’s Answer

Once you're in law school, there is usually a career office dedicated to assisting with internships and careers. Visit with them , explain your plan, and see where they suggest. Also, make top grades- that's very important to be considered for prestigious positions, and you need those to be eligible to be a judge (unless you're appointed, in which case, you should cultivate political contacts). I think you should concentrate on the area of law you want to practice and let that influence the direction you go for a judgeship. Your career counselor or dean at the law school can assist with setting you up for success- I recommend you make an appointment, and hit the books! Also, don't overlook participating in law school activities, volunteering and other law-related organizations are a great way to meet people who may become influential in the future.

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Bree’s Answer

I would recommend starting now to build your network of contacts (lawyers, judges, etc). When you are in law school, make sure you are actively involved in law school, interning at law firms, and finding clerkships if you can. My law school actually had a clerkship program, so I had the ability to clerk at the Arkansas Supreme Court for a semester and I still keep up with the Justice I worked for. I have two friends that are judges (one federal and one county) and it takes a bit of good grades, good contacts, and a good resume of cases to become a judge. Clerkships should be your number 1 goal so that you experience what it's like before deciding that's what you want to do.