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What’s it like being a lawyer? Do you ever wish you could do something else?

I’m still trying to figure out things in college but it’s a struggle. lawyers lawyer business-lawyer judges accountant

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4 answers

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Sara’s Answer

It varies depending on the type of law you practice and the type of employer you work for. For example, a criminal defense attorney may spend a significant amount of time in court with defendants while a tax attorney may spend a significant amount in time in the office reviewing documents and advising clients virtually or in person. But don’t worry - you don’t have to know what type of law you want to practice when you enter school, or even after! You only should be committed to learning the law as it is a significant time and money investment! But a great one if you enjoy it!

Sara recommends the following next steps:

Research lawyers in your area
Reach out and ask if you can shadow
Reach out and ask if you could have informational call
Research Law School Admission Counsel Website that has fields of law
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Tim’s Answer

Hi, Dejanna. The answer to your question depends on the type of lawyer. I am a corporate lawyer at a Fortune 500 company. I work a typical work week (M-F) with regular hours. I go into the office, or work remote, just like all the other employees. I attend meetings to discuss various issues that arise and work on lots and lots of contracts.

I originally had planned on law enforcement as a career. So yes, I sometimes do wish I could do something else. However, my current job is a great fit. My hours are good, my pay is good, and I get to work on challenging items.
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Donna’s Answer

Early on, I decided to become an appellate lawyer. I did not like the confrontational aspects of trial work and realized I was a better writer than an oral advocate. For most of my career, and that means over 40 years, I have worked part-time. I've also been interested in creative pursuits, such as writing and photography. Having a part-time career has enabled me to do that. Now, I am almost ready to retire from law and I can pursue my other interests. But it's been hard to let go of law because I believe I can really help people. It's more likely that I will continue doing all of these things until I am too old to do so.
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Amr’s Answer

Law school doesn't really teach you how to practice law. It turns out, you have a lot left to learn. "In the beginning, it may seem like nearly every time you are assigned a task, it's something that you've never done before. But don't worry, eventually, with more practice (pun intended) you'll get the hang of the skill set and type of law you're practicing. The anxiety should subside after a couple of years when you've developed a decent base of skills.