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what is the salary of a lawyer

a lawyer is a good job and one of my friends mom is a lawyer lawyer business-lawyer lawyers

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2 answers

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Desiree’s Answer

Look on-line and you'll find many resources, for example:
And many many more!

Several factors will impact salary: (1) type of law one practices; (2) the city where they practice (NYC attorneys often make more than say... Topeka attorneys); (3) the number of years they have been practicing (new, more junior attorneys make less than more experienced attorneys); and (4) how they practice law - big firm, small firm, corporate in-house (i.e., company lawyer), government. Certain types of government work may pay less, but qualify to help forgive student loans.

It's fair to say the more highly compensated the role, the more demanding it is on your time and personal life, too. Consider reading this, too:

Desiree recommends the following next steps:

Search attorney salary on-line
Consider other factors that impact salary (and, potentially, cost of living) like location, specialty, etc.
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Greg’s Answer

Kaiden, this is something a lot of people wonder.

The answer is a very typical lawyer phrase: "It depends!"

There are lawyers who make a lot of money every year, lawyers who make very little money (or work for free), and lawyers who fall somewhere in between. This makes sense because lawyers can do so many different things, from arguing in courtrooms to writing contracts to changing laws.
We can represent wealthy companies and individuals who pay well, but we also represent people who have no money and can't pay.

That's one of the great things about being a lawyer: you have choices. Some lawyers don't realize that for years, but it's true.
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