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What do you like most about being a lawyer and what do you like least about being a lawyer

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2 answers

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Desiree’s Answer

I like best those day when I feel that I helped someone (or even some business!) untangle something complicated and messy - and at times scary for them - to find a solutions that works for everyone. When the outcome solves not just the "legal" problem, but also helps to address a business challenge, then it's extra special and doubly rewarding. I also enjoy when clients bring me into their business opportunities early, to proactively help to issue spot and identify risks/solutions (before the deal is so far down the path it's difficult to make adjustments).

I get really frustrated when someone doesn't take my legal advice - or intentionally circumvents it - then they wind up in a messy situation, and they expect me to unwind it. (Worse, they unrealistically want the solution to be quick and painless.) When the mess could have been prevented, when I warned them before they went down that path, and when they still decided to proceed to cause a problem, I find it hard to have compassion for the situation into which they've put themselves/their business. (A simple, but classic example: client starts to perform work without a legally binding contract and then client is "surprised" when they have trouble getting paid what they expected for that work. Sure, there might be legal recourse, but litigation is expensive and time consuming, oral contracts are hard to prove, and settlement for less than the full amount to avoid litigation cost is likely. In most cases, the whole mess could have been prevented with an appropriate contract upfront.)

Desiree recommends the following next steps:

Consider reading the biographies (or autobiographies) of lawyers/judges to understand their highs/lows. Of course, these will be edited for drama because no one wants to read a boring book, but it should still give you a fair idea.
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Lisa’s Answer

There will be good days and bad days and being a lawyer is not just about winning. I really like it when I help someone or solve a problem for them. Sometimes it is not just winning but finding a unique solution that the 2 sides can agree on. I dislike when other lawyers or people are unprofessional. No matter what your viewpoint, you should always be professional and respectfully disagree with the other party. Lawyers need to be civil and professional to work toward resolving the issue. Plus, the odds are your paths will meet again.

Hope this helps!