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Nyasia S. Jun 01 162 views

How is BAR test ? Is it easy to pass and if you fail what do you do next?

The BAR exam is something I hear a lot when I hear lawyer. What if you foot pass the exam? What is the next move ? lawyer attorney...


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Nyasia S. Jun 01 179 views

How did lawyers know they actually wanted to be lawyers and I’d taking the right carrier path.

I’m dedicated and really want to be a lawyer but I also want to know how lawyers knew they was going down the right career path and if this is my right career path. career-paths lawyer...


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Nyasia S. Jun 01 100 views
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Nyasia S. Jun 01 114 views

How long do you have practice law in order to be a lawyer.

My name is Nyasia, I attend Williams prep and is interested in law. I love debating outside and inside of school and I’m pretty good at it. Becoming a lawyer has been my life long career for a while now. I want to be a criminal justice lawyer. I want to take classes at the HBCU Harvard...

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