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How long do you have practice law in order to be a lawyer.

My name is Nyasia, I attend Williams prep and is interested in law. I love debating outside and inside of school and I’m pretty good at it. Becoming a lawyer has been my life long career for a while now. I want to be a criminal justice lawyer. I want to take classes at the HBCU Harvard University located in Washington D.C. law-school.Harvard is not only an amazing college but also because Washington D.C Is a good city to get invested in law. lawyers

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2 answers

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DENNIS’s Answer

Hi Nyasia: All 3 are good questions. First, upon passing your state's bar exam you are licensed to practice law. It is not a matter of how long you need to practice but your need to pass the exam - and they are hard! Second, as a lawyer YOU MAY NOT suborn perjury. You can not put a client on the stand and let him/her testify falsely. This is a thorney issue for all lawyers - criminal and civil. The easiest way to handle it is advise the client to work with the truth. The truth is always your best defense. Your third question was about things loved and hated about the job. I was a civil trial lawyer in NYC for 37 years. I loved that. The part I hated was dealing with unreasonable clients. Some clients can be real problems needing attention all the time. That can be a pain! Finally, responding to your goal, DC is a great place. I was a volunteer in a US Senator's office. Once you are in DC you will see that the Law is more then just criminal cases and civil cases. The law is the guard rail that keeps America on track. As you push forward, remember be true to yourself and enjoy the road and remember to stop and smell the roses!
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Rachel’s Answer

To become a lawyer, most states require that you attend law school first, which is typically a 3 year full-time or 4 year part-time program. After law school, you will need to sit for the bar exam. Usually people study for at least 3 months, if not more, for the exam. Once you pass the bar exam, you are technically a licensed lawyer and can start practicing. However, as a junior lawyer there will still be a lot you can learn from lawyers who have been practicing a long time!

Rachel recommends the following next steps:

Go to the library and check out a book about law school.