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Olivia P. Apr 06, 2018 194 views

I would like to earn an Agriculture Law degree, what college(s) would fit me?

I would like to attend a college with a agricultural background. #aglaw #ariculture #law...


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Lucky R. Aug 31, 2019 141 views

What is the most important thing that u have u do to become a professional lawyer

I'm a kind,intelligent,passionate and I love team work because I believe that nothing beat up many ideas...


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Thomas B. Dec 31, 2019 403 views

on a scale from 1 to 10 how hard is being a police officer and why?

I am a junior in high school going to be a police officer later on in life. #law-enforcement #police-officer...


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Trinity L. Jan 27, 2020 152 views

What are some tools I should be familiar with in this field??

My end career goal is paralegal investigator #law...


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Claudine P. Mar 30, 2020 127 views

Why are you interested in law and aging particularly, helping older people with physical and /or mental disabilities get out of nursing homes and other institutions.

I am a law graduate working as an intern with disability rights organization. I need help with the above question to help me apply for a fellowship. Thank you all for your response. #law #healthcare...

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Anisa D. Apr 07, 2020 493 views

I want to work in the BAU but I need some guidance

So, I've tried to look up tons of stuff about the different unit, descriptions of stuff they do, etc. I can't seem to find the answers to a lot of my questions though. Fair warning, there are a lot. So to start, which unit deals with the most cases? Which unit deals with the serial killers,...

#bau #criminal-justice #fbi #law #psychology #law-enforcement

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Sarah Y. Apr 12, 2020 114 views
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