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FAITH Mar 21 49 views

What is the student community like in law school?

just want to know

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Alexander Mar 09 92 views

How difficult is law school?

I just want to know how difficult law school is to prepare for it and to embrace what's coming.

Graciela’s Avatar
Graciela Dec 09, 2022 203 views

What classes would you recommend to take for someone who wants to study law?

It would also be appreciated if you can leave your name, your job title, and what company you work for. Thank you.

liam’s Avatar
liam Dec 14, 2022 204 views

Where is the nearest law school?

i live in rock hill.

Addie’s Avatar
Addie Mar 11, 2022 414 views

Can being a JAG lawyer be a lifelong career or is it a good idea to switch to a civilian job after an amount of time?

I am considering becoming a JAG lawyer but I'm not sure if I should use it to gain experience and then leave the military for a law firm or if it is kind of a choice as you go thing.

Addie’s Avatar
Addie Mar 11, 2022 290 views

How can I decide between becoming a defense lawyer or the prosecution.

I don't know how to decide between defense and prosecution, what are some push/pulls or pros/cons?

jaquan’s Avatar
jaquan Dec 14, 2021 235 views

What are the future trends for this field?

I was asking this because i want to become an police officer #police #law-enforcement

Patricia’s Avatar
Patricia Nov 08, 2021 278 views

Do I have to be promoted to become a detective?

#law #career-counseling #career #law-school #police

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Nov 22, 2021 259 views

how do you become a recommended lawyer?

I see that there is lawyers that get recognized more then others an i was wondering why an how did they become the lawyer everybody wants #law #law #criminal-justice

Saudah’s Avatar
Saudah Nov 18, 2021 283 views

How can I progress in the legal services industry?

I have a bachelors degree in psychology #psychology #law

Patricia’s Avatar
Patricia Nov 08, 2021 516 views

Do I have to study law to become a detective?

I'm independent, very easy to talk to, hard headed but warm hearted but also tough and my "dad's" side of the family works for the government in the Philippines. #career #law #detective

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Nov 03, 2021 187 views

what is it like working in law

i want to be a lawyer #law

Samira’s Avatar
Samira Oct 27, 2021 789 views

Is being a lawyer a 9-5 job? If so, how can I change that?

I heard that lawyers take on a 9-5 job whereas some don't. How, if law is a 9-5 job, can I make it more flexible? Is self-employment an option? #lawyer #criminal-justice #attorney #law

cedric’s Avatar
cedric Nov 02, 2021 341 views

what does it take to become lawyer

My name is Cedric Im 17 and I was to become lawyer # #lawyer

Emelyn’s Avatar
Emelyn Sep 16, 2021 233 views

What sorts of experiences can help my law school application stand out? Also, when choosing a school should you go with prestige or the most financially viable option?

Undergraduate Student, BBA, future lawyer #lawyer #college