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Amanda C. Jul 31, 2020 137 views

What kind of work do environmental lawyers do?

I'm thinking about going into environmental law because I love English and I'm passionate about sustainability and the environment, but I don't know a lot about what kind of work it involves. Are there different types of environmental lawyers? Does it involve a lot of writing and editing? Are...

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Amanda C. Jul 17, 2020 166 views

What professions combine an interest in English and Environmental Studies?

I'm slightly more passionate about English than Environmental Studies because I'm not into STEM-heavy subjects and would prefer to not take STEM classes, so on the ES side I'd prefer something related to Environmental Studies instead of Environmental Science. I enjoy the sustainability part of...

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Isabella K. Jun 15, 2020 148 views

What educational requirements are needed when applying for a job as an conservation scientist?

I am interested in studying environmental studies or science in college and I was wondering what classes I may need to take in order to be qualified for a career as a conservation scientist or in a sustainable-focused work environment. #science #college #sustainability...


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Candice W. May 28, 2020 230 views

Environmentalists: What does your typical work week consist of? All sub-specialties welcome.

I'm an undergraduate student struggling to commit to a major, after changing time and time again. After finally settling on a general area of study, it's time to determine a more focused area. The top bachelors degree programs that I am looking at include environmental engineering,...

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Mena L. Apr 25, 2020 188 views

I am an English Literature Student who wants to work for the SDGs. What should I do?

I am a creative problem-solving person and I study literature. I want to work in international organizations for any good global causes related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. However, I am not a specialist. Is it...

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Tazmyn G. Jun 02, 2019 406 views

I recently graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and I'm trying to figure out what my options are and where I would fit in well.

Hi all. I recently graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and I'm trying to figure out what my options are and where I would fit in well. My main reason for completing a chem eng degree was its versatility. At 18 I didn't know what I wanted to do but I knew this degree would give me...

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Mei Wei K. Mar 09, 2019 229 views

How is technology reused or recycled in large organizations?

With the constant rush for the next upgrade in technology, my concern is that used technology is being simply thrown away when it can be reused or repurposed in new ways. #tech...


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Cameron B. Jan 12, 2019 222 views

Trying to enter the field of Urban Planning

Hi, I am 16 years old and in my second semester of college! I am interested In entering the field of urban planning but more on a larger scaler with large cities and possibly even internationally I am trying to learn Spanish and I already know a good amount of French ( I am thinking of moving...

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Joseph A. May 30, 2018 331 views

How do I build initial capital for an entrepreneurial endeavor?

I am interested in starting a sustainable development business, flipping properties but with a sustainability focus. But it seems like in order to break into property flipping, I need a large amount of investment to get started. Any ideas on how to fund a potentially expensive startup company?...

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Dianne M. May 12, 2016 3756 views

What careers in STEM will allow me to travel?

I'm an incoming college freshman pursuing a bachelor's in biotechnology and planning to enter the field of sustainable energy. While I am very comfortable with this plan, I would also like to travel the world, and travel often. Are there any careers in the STEM field that can open opportunities...

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Alina R. Mar 20, 2018 457 views

How does a startup go from selling to independent boutiques to large retail stores?

I am in graduate school developing a health and environmentally conscious skin care line. Since I have reached out to different stores of how I can acquire shelf space, I feel that there is a gap in my knowledge between small and large retailers. I'm aware that I need to make bigger sales and...

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skylar G. Sep 01, 2017 555 views

What are potential career paths for a Management Information Systems bachelors degree?

I would like to start a sustainable social business but I do not know exactly what I want to do yet except help people and the environment! Technology is used in practically every field so I feel as if this would be a good major. #business #sustainability #sustainable-development...

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Japjeet K. May 04, 2017 937 views

What careers combine arts and sustainability?

Hello. I am searching for a bachelor career that combines art (if it is dance more than great) or/and crafts and sustainability with a very practical approach. I would would love to study abroad. But also if anyone know about a career in communication that is not focused in...

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Adriana C. Oct 27, 2016 1792 views

What is a day in the life of an Environmental scientist like?

I am curious if all Environmental Scientists have the opportunity to explore the outdoors to obtain samples and gain knowledge out in the field for their researches. #environmental-science #environmental-engineering #sustainability...


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Adriana C. Oct 27, 2016 2431 views

What is the main difference between an Environment Engineer and an Environmental Scientist?

I am genuinely interested in the well being of the environment. I want to major in one of these two, but still have not decided between the two. #college-major #environmental-science #environmental-engineering...


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Emma J. Oct 23, 2016 510 views

What are some effective and progressive jobs in the environmental sustainability field?

My major is in environmental science. I am striving to really change the world as much as I possibly can in this field, making huge changes toward environmental sustainability and creating more positive effects on humankind's ecological footprint. Thanks so much! #environmental-science...

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Kathy M. May 30, 2016 710 views

Degree in biology... art/environment/science?

Hello, I graduated last year with a degree in biology in Florida... I've been pre-dental since 2010. I applied last cycle with a GPA of 3.4 and a DAT score of 17. I'm aware my DAT score isn't the best, and considering how competitive the dental career is becoming, I don't expect that to be...

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Hannah K. May 27, 2016 601 views

To create a non-profit organization combating hunger through sustainable agriculture, what area of study would be most relevant? Business management, agriculture, sustainability and nutrition all factor in, but which is the best approach?

In many parts of the world there is an extreme shortage of nutritious food and simultaneously very little practice of environmentally sustainable agriculture. A non-profit organization specialized in farming could perhaps kill two birds with one stone. #nonprofits #agriculture #public-health...


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haylin C. May 20, 2016 438 views

When should a graduate start looking for internships?

planning for my senior year and preparation for after graduation. #internship #agriculture...


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Alejandra Q. May 20, 2016 523 views

What is the best way to engage with a philanthropist?

I am interested in starting a project which integrates sustainable buisness practices, nutrition, and community involvement. #nutrition #ecology #community...


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Dianne M. May 10, 2016 669 views

How do I break into the sustainable energy field?

As an incoming college freshman, I am interested in pursuing a career in the field of sustainable energy. I don't have a particular focus at the moment because I still have to learn more about my own major (Biotechnology) and the field itself, but I would like to be prepared for the future as...

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