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Career Questions tagged Natural

Alina R.’s Avatar
Alina R. Mar 20, 2018 604 views

How does a startup go from selling to independent boutiques to large retail stores?

I am in graduate school developing a health and environmentally conscious skin care line. Since I have reached out to different stores of how I can acquire shelf space, I feel that there is a gap in my knowledge between small and large retailers. I'm aware that I need to make bigger sales and...

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Xavier L.’s Avatar
Xavier L. Oct 23, 2016 557 views

When going into the STEM field what type of college would benefit and individual most ? A liberal arts college (such as Wesleyan university) or a large university (such as A&M college station) ?

I've recently taken a tour to liberal arts colleges in the New England area and was wondering if these college types have an impact on education and career opportunities. engineering astronomy natural...


Dilara D.’s Avatar
Dilara D. Jan 08, 2016 736 views