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Career Questions tagged Landscaping

Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Oct 26, 2022 326 views

What are some common mistakes people encounter when entering the landscape architect business?

And how do you handle the mistakes? have you had any of these experiences?

christopher’s Avatar
christopher May 12, 2022 353 views

What if people want volunteer as well as landscapers?

Will other people might take the chance of being a landscaper there self? First time Landscapers will maybe enjoy of what it takes to be landscaper?

christopher’s Avatar
christopher May 12, 2022 312 views

How do we overcome our obsticals?

How can i advance in landscaping? What great ideas i can learn from landscaping? Can Landscaping help me in the future as i strive? Will landscaping help me as i learn different Skills? How does landscaping help me adapt? How i can help myself become the best Landscaper i want to be? Is being...

christopher’s Avatar
christopher May 12, 2022 408 views

What does it take to be a landscaper?

What is the basics of being a landscaper? How can i develop being a landscaper? What Does mean to be a landscaper? Can we adapt on our perspective of being a landscaper?

Eduardo’s Avatar
Eduardo Jun 22, 2021 372 views

Why do you need a bachelors degree in order to become an Landscaping architect rather then a masters? ?

#Architect #Landscaping

Eduardo’s Avatar
Eduardo Jun 22, 2021 445 views

What is needed to be a Landscape Architect in Texas?

#Architect #Landscaping

Braden’s Avatar
Braden Oct 27, 2020 348 views

What is it like be a pesticide handler?

I know that this is kind of a broad question, but I am just curious to see what pesticide handlers do on a daily basis. I am pretty interested in handling the chemicals and working with the sprayers/applicators and being able to set up the chemicals and everything by myself. I recently got a...

zuriel’s Avatar
zuriel Mar 12, 2020 390 views

What are the daily duties? How often do employees get evaluated? What kind of benefits and healthcare plans do you guys offer?

I am 16 years old and I am going to Job Corps in Oahu. I want to get into the Landscaping field. I enjoy beautifying and maintaining the environment. #job #career #landscaping #job-search

pedro’s Avatar
pedro Jan 22, 2018 835 views

What are good careers surrounding the geology field

Geology has always caught my interest because rocks and the earth have fascinated me. Just all the different sizes and colors they give and the sound you can hear from them, the ways they resonate with different materials when they come in contact or tap each other. #geology...

Cynthia’s Avatar
Cynthia May 26, 2015 2217 views

What's it like being an architect? What's the hardest thing about it? Requirments?

I have a minor interest in architecture but I'm not completely sure about what career I want to go into. I want something that'll be exciting for me and what I would need to become and arcitect. #mathematics #architecture #architect #landscape #landscaping