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Career Questions tagged Advocate

Marie’s Avatar
Marie Mar 24 153 views

How do I become certified as a sexual assault advocate ?

How can I become certified as a sexual assault advocate.
I am volunteering as a advocate for non profit called Project sister.
I will like to work as a advocate fat a non profit.
I have only found free training but I would like to be certified.

Thank you
Marie F.

Payton’s Avatar
Payton Mar 04, 2018 590 views

How difficult is it to get a job as a practicing lawyer?

I plan on becoming a child advocate lawyer and I've heard from many other people that you might not like that you can't always get job doing what you want as a lawyer. #lawyer #child #advocate #career-goals

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Jan 16, 2018 507 views

Being an advocate for both mental health and living a healthy lifestyle, what are my boundaries as a future practitioner when encouraging healthy eating and other healthy alternatives?