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Being an advocate for both mental health and living a healthy lifestyle, what are my boundaries as a future practitioner when encouraging healthy eating and other healthy alternatives?

Asked West Peoria, Illinois

2 answers

Corinne’s Answer


I often encourage my clients to focus on the choices in their lifestyle as a way of improving their mood. Research in our profession supports this. You won’t be in conflict if are citing evidence based information. This will be true for all facets of your career.

Corinne recommends the following next steps:

  • Stay current on research in your field, give clients evidence for your recommendations. Live your life in healthy ways so they can see a healthy, happy role model. Mostly importantly, show empathy for how difficult it can be to make the difficult choices of eating well and living healthy in a world that supports fast food and quick fixes.

Jorge’s Answer

Updated Evergreen Park, Illinois

I would say first you must know the clientele that you are working with. Try not to evoke your own beliefs and style that work for you unless you are dealing with someone within your age and ability. You have to tailor a plan and treatment for the individual which means no 2 will look the same.