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Career Questions tagged Studentdebt

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Nov 18, 2020 736 views

What is your best advice for minimizing student debt going into college?

I am currently a junior in high school. This is around the time when I am doing more research on colleges and solidifying my list for visits in the coming months and applications in senior year. #GivingisCaring #college #university #studentdebt

Kathryn’s Avatar
Kathryn Apr 05, 2018 636 views

How do you pay off student debt quickly?

I think that this is the question we all are asking. xD #studentdebt #studentloans

Trevor’s Avatar
Trevor Jan 16, 2018 932 views

Why is public university in the United States ludicrously expensive?

Student loans, private institutions and student debt is unfair for American youth. I am curious why education isn’t a top public investment for all socio-economic backgrounds. #college #education #studentdebt

Caitlyn’s Avatar
Caitlyn Jan 16, 2018 525 views

What is the benefit of going on to earn a masters degree after undergraduate school?

I know graduate degrees can help with getting hired but I'm wondering if the financial costs are worth it. #studentdebt #mastersdegree