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Danielle McNeil | Policy Consultant and Analyst at FL. Department of ... Hi Lianne! I know your question is about degrees, but I ...

Is college really necessary to succeed in life?

We are always told since we are kids to go to school, go to college, get a great job that will help us live a better life but we are basically going to work so many years to pay our student debt not to mention that we aren’t guaranteed to find a job with our degree...



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Posted by Valeria L.’s Avatar Valeria L.
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Michael O'Brien | Assurance Associate at PwC The question "Is college really worth it" can not be answered ...

How am I going to pay off my college debt?

My parents are separated, and my mother is barely able to keep my family afloat. Many nights I've had to go to bed hungry because my mother simply couldn't afford to buy food. I work a part-time job, but because my mother asks for money constantly, I lose my paychecks quickly. Nobody is going...

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Posted by Elizabeth G.’s Avatar Elizabeth G.
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Ken Simmons | Assist with Recognizing and Developing Potential The best thing to do is to complete your education in ...

When applying for scholarships, what are some ways I can make myself stand out so that I can be more competitive?

I am trying to apply to as many scholarships as possible, but I always feel like I do not stand out enough. #financialaid #collegeisexpensive...



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Posted by Diana S.’s Avatar Diana S.
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LaTonia Davis Be Persistent: Most of the winners who have received numerous scholarships ...

What is the average student loan amount?

What is the average amount of student loans a person uses in order to go to college? I start school and August and I am trying to figure out the best cost effective way for me. I do not want to take a whole lot of student loans and be stuck in debt for the next ten years. #student-loans...

#studentloanforgiveness #collegedebt #collegedecisions #student-debt


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Posted by Sh'Daedra J.’s Avatar Sh'Daedra J.
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Tracey Jackson Hi Sh'Daedra, Congrats on getting into college. First, start with getting ...

How many years will it take me to pay off my college debt? In a perfect scenario, enter the workforce with a bachelors in accounting?#collegedebt

I am curious on average how long does it take to pay off college debt? Will this hinder other financial situations. #collegedebt #financial-planning...



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Posted by Naomi A.’s Avatar Naomi A.
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Luke Ilijevski, CPA | Assurance Experienced Associate at PwC Hi Naomi, This is an important question as it shows you're ...

What is the best way to pay college debt?

I plan on attending a private university for four years and then plan to move onto graduate school. After that many years of schooling I will most likely have a sizable amount of debt. #money #debt...



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Posted by Kaylee P.’s Avatar Kaylee P.
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Simona H | Project Manager Hi Kaylee, I agree with Yvonne Ruffner. If you start to ...

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