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Career Questions tagged Debtfree

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Aug 29, 2020 377 views

Don’t want loans on my financial aid?

I don’t want loans just grants and scholarships how do I do that with the fafsa? #fafsa #debtfree #colleges

Mandy’s Avatar
Mandy Oct 30, 2018 457 views

Is it possible to graduate from college with $0 in student loan debt?

I want to be able to pay for college as I go. I want to go to this one university but it costs about $25,000 a year. I want some advice to achieve this goal. #debtfree #scholarships

Rhealyn’s Avatar
Rhealyn May 30, 2018 532 views

What is the best way to graduate college debt free?

How can I graduate college debt free without overworking myself? #debtfree #college #career

William’s Avatar
William May 10, 2018 478 views

What are other ways to pay for medical school besides loans and scholarships?

Medical school is expensive, as everyone knows. And paying off loans will increase the amount of stress for a medical student to go through. Are there ways to earn some cash to pay off the debt and to avoid getting loans for medical school? Scholarships can be limited as well. #medicine...

Katalina’s Avatar
Katalina Apr 04, 2018 709 views

Best ways to pay off student debt ?

- not trying to be in debt for 20 years
#college-debt #debtfree

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Mar 27, 2018 661 views

Can you appeal for more financial aid? If so, how?

I want to get the maximum amount of financial aid possible because I am scared I will be in loads of debt. #debt #student-debt ##debtfree #financial-aid #financial-services

Kiaran’s Avatar
Kiaran Mar 14, 2018 374 views

How can I go to college without debt?

Would like to graduate debt free. #debtfree