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Career Questions tagged It Support

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David Jun 16 250 views

[Advice to Career Computer Science students] Should I start as a developer or an operational support in a technology company.

As an operational support intern, I began to wonder whether I should convert to full time and stay in the same team (operation support) or request a team change and become a developer instead? One of my main concerns is which starting point will be most beneficial to my future professional...

GYAN’s Avatar
GYAN May 25, 2016 854 views

What is Web Designing?

I am Studying 12th Grade in Accounts Group.Accounts with Computer science .
I am interested in web designing #it-support

Jayashankar’s Avatar
Jayashankar Apr 28, 2016 750 views

Qualities for a Computer Engg?

Hi. I am Jayashankar. Completed 10th Std. Going to select Computer science Group. Can u brief me what are the qualities required for a good computer Engineer. #engineer #professor #computer #student #counselling #it-support

keerthana’s Avatar
keerthana Apr 20, 2016 1308 views

What skills do I need to work in the IT Field?

Hi. I have selected computer science group, doing 12 Standard in Govt school. What are the skill to be developed to join IT Field. #computer-science #software #information-technology #it-support

Sabarideepa’s Avatar
Sabarideepa Apr 20, 2016 951 views

If I choose BCA, what are the extra courses to be done? Will I get placements?

I am doing by 12th standard in Govt School. If I choose BCA what are the extra courses to be done? Will i get placement #professor #it-support #academic-advising

Keerthana’s Avatar
Keerthana Apr 16, 2016 814 views

Is IT field is a life long secured Job?

As we are from a middle class family. If I choose IT field. Will this job secures me life long.(Financially). Heard about most of the persons are sent out from the IT fields in recent years. #students #it-support

Keerthana’s Avatar
Keerthana Apr 16, 2016 796 views

Whether the IT field suits the girls from Middle family. Do we have more work pressure?

Hi. I am a girl from a middle family. If I choose IT field. Whether this field suits me after the marriage. Do we have more work pressure. #software-engineer #it-support