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If I choose BCA, what are the extra courses to be done? Will I get placements?

I am doing by 12th standard in Govt School. If I choose BCA what are the extra courses to be done? Will i get placement #professor #it-support #academic-advising

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2 answers

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

Placement depends upon the college. Work hard and get selected in the top most college of your state. Normally, now a days all the universities are showing their detail of placements on their websites. You can directly check the placement rate and the kind of companies which are coming to hire.

My suggestion is go for IP university top most college which is providing BCA.

Now about extra languages. You dont need to worry on this as of now. Once you get admission in the college, Professors are the best source to gain any such information. They will guide you with how you need to develop your path.

So dont be in a hurry. First, grab your seat in a good college.

All the best!

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Chandrashekar’s Answer

Getting the job depends on the skill relevance and availability of placement assistance in the selected collage. If you plan to choose BCA then choose the best college. You might still have to take additional courses if the subjects in BCA are not very relevant to the industry where you are seeking the job. If you have the right skill required for the industry then you will not be required to take extra courses.