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Sabarideepa N. Apr 20, 2016 791 views

If I choose BCA, what are the extra courses to be done? Will I get placements?

I am doing by 12th standard in Govt School. If I choose BCA what are the extra courses to be done? Will i get placement #professor #it-support...


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abhinashi Y. Apr 30, 2016 590 views
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What subjects we need to take in high school to become a lawyer

#laywer we should take science maths social science and...

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Eduardo O. May 09, 2019 169 views

what career path is for me

I really care about people and know how to take care of people....


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Jaedin O. May 09, 2019 173 views

What programs could you join to become a youtuber?

I'd like to go to college and I know you don't need to go to college to become a youtuber but I just want to go for back up just in case it fails...