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my aim is to become a astronat?which subject i want to take?please guide for my study

I'm student from government highschool J B Nagar bangalore help me for my career #any #professional

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3 answers

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Chandrashekar’s Answer

If you are in 10th Standard you will need to choose science in PUC then choose specialisation degree.

You may find the following link helpful with list of colleges in India which teach astronaut courses:


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Jatheesh’s Answer

If you are a High School student, choose Maths and Science for your +2.

To become an Astronaut you have to concentrate on the following .
1. Improve you r communication Skills.
2. Improve your Observation Skills.
3. Improve your inner strength and practice meditation.
4. Improve your multi tasking capabilities.

There are good institutes for pursue career as Astronaut.
1. IIT , Roorkee
2. IIT Delhi
3. IIT Kanpur
4, IIT, Kharagpur
5. IISc, Bangalore
6. BITS, Pilani.

And there are some private collages too.

Jatheesh recommends the following next steps:

Choose Mathematics and Science for +2
Clear the Entrance Exams for IIT, IISc.

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Wael’s Answer

The link below explains the process in great manner. I hope you the best.