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What exactly does a naval architect do? Is this a good profession to take up?

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2 answers

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Chandrashekar’s Answer

Naval architects are engineers who are responsible for designing, building, maintaining and repairing all kinds of ships and offshore structures, from oil tankers, cargo ships, yachts and vehicle and passenger ferries

Some of the job responsibilites includes:

- Preparing detailed plans and drawings of the proposed vessel or structure, using computer-aided design (CAD) software.
- Ensuring that the design is economical and functional and that the vessel or structure is safe and seaworthy.
- Preparing and checking calculations for strength and structural aspects.
- Assessing what materials and equipment are needed and planning the construction process.
- Obtaining materials and co-ordinating the construction, launch and trials of the vessel or structure.
- Carrying out assessments and analysis including stability and hydrodynamics
- Working with engineers from other disciplines and managing build projects and the resources required to make sure it meets the budget and deadline

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Gasser’s Answer

Naval Architect is a wide as a profession, who is mainly intended to serve the marine industry for design, construction, ship building and repairs for all type of vessels.