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what career path is for me

I really care about people and know how to take care of people. #medicine

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7 answers

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G. Mark’s Answer

Well, here I go again with this bit of advice many folks may be tired of hearing from me. However, this is what I've found to be tremendously valuable and at the same time, really, really easy. Career paths are often chosen for what I think can be wrong or at least insufficient reasons. Salary, prestige, pressure from family and friends or simple convenience. None of these should be ignored. However, as I've told many of my students, you'll tend to be good at what you like and you'll tend to like what you're good at. And end result is win-win for you, for your friends and family, and for folks who use what you provide them.

The trick is to find out what you're suited for so that marriage between your personality and your career can result in the most happiness and success. A Personality Assessment Survey test, like RIASEC, can be obtained from school counselors or employment advisors or from searching the internet. The test is essentially a bunch of questions that match your responses with those of folks who are happy and successful in various fields. The test is fun, easy, interesting, and the results can be surprising. And can guide you into a career, which classes or other training you're likely suited for, and go a long way to maximizing your long-term happiness. It also gives you more confidence that what you're investing so much time, effort, money and emotion in is being invested wisely.

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Chandrashekar’s Answer

First step in deciding career path is to figure out what are your interests. Then check for top trending jobs in the market for the current year. Also take advise from working professionals on the job availability in the locality you stay. After which you finalise the job that suits best for you.

As you have mentioned that you car about the people and help people, you can choose to become a Doctor, or a public servant or a philanthropist. Whichever the path you choose you are directly or indirectly helping the mankind.

You may choose to join some training to gain basic hands on skills it will make your job search easy.

Hope this answer helps you in deciding your career path.

All the best for your future.

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Abhishek’s Answer

It is good to know there is someone out there who knows how to care about people. In my opinion you can be part of or own an old age home or some organization which takes care of kids. Or else you can own a NGO which can help people in need (Government provides sufficient support for such organizations).

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Holly’s Answer

Hello Eduardo, We are all born with gifts. Typically, what we are passionate about will allow us to share our gifts. If you want to help people you can do that in many ways. I am a physician and there are many fields in medicine that you can help people to be healthier and lead more productive lives. Certainly, you can have a great impact on people's lives by being an educator, social worker, nursing home administrator, a pastor, or work in the nonprofit world. Good luck to you. You can make a positive change in the world, never forget that, Eduardo!

Holly recommends the following next steps:

What are you passionate about? Write it down. List things that you are talented at doing.
Do you like school? Many career paths may require a lot of schooling., which means time, money and patience.
Lifestyle is important. Many careers require long hours and dedication. However, if it's something you love it won't feel like work.

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Richard’s Answer

Medicine is a great field. There are a lot of long hours studying in the library followed by long hours in the hospital, but it is a fulfilling career. There are so many opportunities after medical school... different specialties appeal to different individuals. Or you can follow a nonclinical route in research or even hospital administration.

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Deepali’s Answer

Anything that interests you, keeps you going and provide you a return of investment can be your career path.

  1. Help people in need. Helping people in need is a major aspect of being caring.
  2. Ask people about their lives.
  3. Apologize when you need to.
  4. Do favors for people.
  5. Share.
  6. Check in with people.
  7. Remember the details about people's lives.
  8. Volunteer.

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Kayla’s Answer

When choosing a career path I think it is important to get real world experience. Reading and researching can only take you so far, but experiencing what it might be like to be in that career for a day can change your perspective. Try finding an internship or a volunteer opportunity in a medical field. This will expose you to new first hand experiences, and more importantly introduce you to other professional who can help guide you on which specific path is best for you. Even just shadowing a professional for a day will narrow down or eliminate what interests you.

Medical professions also take a lot of hours of training, schooling, and money so these are also important things to consider when choosing a career path.