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Career Questions tagged Athletic Training

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie yesterday 33 views

whats the pros and cons of being a Athletic trainer?

whats the pros and cons of being a Athletic trainer?

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Jacinta Jun 29 189 views

What are some majors many students overlook that can make me a lot of money?

I am a 15-year-old and I was interested in Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and Therapy. I would like to know if there are any other majors and jobs that I have overlooked or don't know about that will make me successful.

robert’s Avatar
robert Feb 25 126 views

what jobs will let me help train others for sports

im a sophomore in high school and i am passionate in becoming a personal trainer.

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Sophia Feb 09 162 views

Is becoming an athletic trainer a realistic goal, is it competitive, should I shift towards looking into another career in sports medicine?

Becoming an athletic trainer caught my attention a few years ago. However, I do have an open mind to similar careers in the same field. #athletic-training #career

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Sophia Feb 09 226 views

What college courses should I look into if I am thinking about pursuing a career in sports medicine?

I have high interest in becoming either an athletic trainer or a physical therapist. I think it would be really beneficial if I had an idea on what classes to take. #sports #medicine #athletic-training #physical-therapist

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Nov 23, 2021 199 views

I would like to know more about athletic trainers/personal trainers because that's kind of what I would like to pursue.

I am involved in lots of sports. I love to work out, I love to help people and interact with others. I like to socialize and help out as many people as possible. #sports #athletic-training

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Kaelyn Oct 12, 2021 202 views

What is a challenge you face as an athletic trainer?

I am a freshman in high school and I'm interested in being an athletic trainer because of my love for sports and soccer.
#sports #athletic-training #soccer

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Italy Jun 02, 2021 314 views

How much is an athletic trainer's pension?

I would like to know what the amounts of pensions in different work environments for athletic trainers. #pension #athletic-training #career

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Italy Jun 02, 2021 306 views

When can you retire from athletic training?

I want to know what age people in this career usually retire at. #athletic-training #retirement #career #business

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Italy Jun 01, 2021 271 views

Are there different types of athletic trainers?

I would like to know what kind of trainers they have in NFL for their teams #athletic-training #medical

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tony Mar 18, 2021 278 views

what do i do when i go to college

#college #athletic-training

marc’s Avatar
marc Oct 23, 2020 260 views

what are drawbacks of being a physical trainer

I wanted to know what could be some of the bad things that being a physical trainer are. #physical-trainer #athletic-training #sports-medicine

Nathalie’s Avatar
Nathalie May 23, 2020 380 views

what would be the best major to be a physical therapist in sports medicine and how long would it be

#physical-therapist I am a lifeguard also interested in sports and helping people #athletic-training

Edith’s Avatar
Edith Apr 23, 2020 309 views

Is it financially smarter to become a PT Assistant, work, and obtain an undergraduate degree or pursue an undergraduate degree for Physical Therapy, use that degree for a job, and still work your way to become a DPT?

#physical-therapist #athletic-training #career

Carly’s Avatar
Carly Apr 15, 2020 406 views

What are things people don't know about the careers below?

My #career-choice right now is between #education #environmental-studies #criminal-justice or some type of #therapy or #athletic-training #truth

renato’s Avatar
renato Apr 14, 2020 413 views

what do i need to become athletic trainer

#athletic-training #medicine #sports

Kirsten’s Avatar
Kirsten Jan 28, 2020 283 views

How do I know what my major should be?

I want to go to college for #athletic-training and #sports-medicine. What should I major in?

Zach’s Avatar
Zach Nov 20, 2019 304 views

How long would it take to work your way up into collegiate sports or even the pros for a sports trainer?

#medicine #athletic-training

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Kyah Nov 20, 2019 342 views

What type of classes do you take in college to become an athletic trainer?

#athletic-training #sports #occupational-therapy

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Peyton Aug 26, 2019 286 views

If I were to be an athletic trainer what would be some good schools to go to?


Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar May 07, 2019 292 views

What is the most an Athletic Trainer can make?


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shatir Apr 10, 2019 292 views

do you travel alot being an athletic trainer

#fitness #athletic-training

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shatir Apr 10, 2019 347 views

how many fitness jobs are in florida

#health #athletic-training

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Kathryn Apr 07, 2019 305 views

I am attending NHCC for exercise science right now. I want to go for Physical Therapy Assistant and I don't know if going for the Athletic Training area is good for that or not. This is what NHCC has to offer for Associates for exercise science. Physical Education AS, Corporate Wellness AS, Personal Training Certificate, Wellness Coach Certificate

#physical-therapist #career #athletic-training #medicine

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Brandie Nov 30, 2018 428 views

how much training is involved

what is training like

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Elias Apr 29, 2018 566 views

What are the bests websites for Scholarships for Athletic Training? Physical Therapy? Occupational Therapy?

#athletic-training #physical-therapy #occupational-therapy #scholarships #financial-aid

Elias’s Avatar
Elias Apr 29, 2018 439 views

What are my job opportunities with a major in Athletic Training with a concentration in Exercise Science?


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Laura Mar 27, 2018 657 views

What is a typical day like working with athletes?

#athletic-training #sports-management #sports

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Keo Mar 19, 2018 543 views

How do I train myself to meet the physical requirements in the Air Force?

I know that I am not physically ready to be in the Air Force, there is a physical test to pass in order to get in. I want to know what kinds of things I should do to train myself to get better in my physical fitness. #air-force #physical #athletic-training

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junior Jan 17, 2018 498 views

how can i become a athletic trainer?

because i what this for my career also i like health i like to help people with injuries #medicine #athletic-trainer #sports #athletes #physical-therapy #athletic-training