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Career Questions tagged Startups

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CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 07 62 views

What are the benefits and risks of being an entrepreneur?

This is part of our professionals series

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Amy Feb 21 241 views

How does one start a business?

How do entrepreneurs start their own businesses? Where do they even begin?

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Wyatt Nov 01, 2022 564 views

business startup

What are the first steps to start a business from scratch.

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Makaiyah Jul 13, 2022 287 views

A Little Advice For Beginner Business Starter

What are some ways to start a business as a beginner in the business industry?

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Shaina May 12, 2022 303 views

Where can I get connected with entrepreneur groups?

I want to connect with businesses or entrepreneurs.

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Terrence May 19, 2021 1151 views

What are the pros and cons to owning a business?

#startups #entrepreneurship #marketing

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Noid May 11, 2021 592 views

What is it like being a clothing brand designer

#startups #any #international-relations

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Azaria Mar 02, 2021 540 views

What are some good marketing tactics?

#marketing #startups #business

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Azaria Mar 02, 2021 421 views

What are some key investments to make when first starting a business?

#business-management #project-management #startup #startups

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Azaria Feb 25, 2021 475 views

What are some essential steps to starting a business?

#mba #business-management #entrepreneurship #startups #international-business

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Montreal Nov 13, 2020 494 views

How can I start my own business and become a entrepreneur

I am 6'2. I am a junior. I have 2 siblings 1 girl 1 boy. I would like to start my own business one day. #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #startups

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Nancy Jul 29, 2020 354 views

What is a typical day at work as an IT?

#JULY20 #working #startups

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Tsion Jul 20, 2020 535 views

What financial advice would you give to younger individuals, in particular students who are striving to be financially responsible?

#saving #investments #real-estate #startups #buisness #credit #student loans # JULY 20.

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Mena Apr 25, 2020 495 views

I am an English Literature Student who wants to work for the SDGs. What should I do?

I am a creative problem-solving person and I study literature. I want to work in international organizations for any good global causes related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. However, I am not a specialist. Is it...

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Ariel Aug 26, 2018 675 views

What are some things you wish you thought you knew when you started your own business?

#career #entrepreneurship #business #startups

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Ayen Aug 24, 2018 517 views

I am currently pursing a BSN degree to become a labor & delivery nurse. How do I begin to build relationships and network with individuals in my particular field?

#networking #nursing #science #entrepreneurship #startups

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Autumn Aug 18, 2018 648 views

How do I make sure I'm making a difference in the world

I want to dedicate my career to helping others. I have to be part of the change in medicine #women-in-tech . #tech #startups #technology #medicine#helping

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Angela May 25, 2018 635 views

What opportunities are available in most high schools that will prepare me for college?

Hello, I am looking to find more opportunities in high schools to be more prepared for college. I have taken AP courses and will be taken some CE next year. Although, I just learned it is possible to graduate high school with an associate's degree. I have also learned about the AVID and...

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Alina Mar 20, 2018 647 views

What are some tips for a beginning entrepreneur to learn about branding

I am a grad student starting a health and environmentally conscious skin care line and need to figure out what my company will embody. What are some suggestions I can get to help guide me towards my ideal customer, what my brand stands for and how it's different than the rest. I really want it...

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Leah Mar 08, 2018 901 views

What is the best way to find funds for starting a company?

After college when I earn a degree and there are few jobs available in my area, I see many students starting a company for themselves. My question is how do I find a way to start a business, much like finding money for college. #finding-a-career #startups...

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JC Jan 10, 2018 955 views

What steps would you take in order to become an entrepreneur?

I've wanted to become an entrepreneur since I was young, but I am not sure how I would go about " starting a company." Also, I know that I want to start a business, but I am not yet sure what field I want to work in, or what service or product my business could offer. How would I start a...

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Jennifer Dec 08, 2017 812 views

How can you seize market opportunities?

My friend is thinking of doing some start-up projects, and she is not sure what to look for. #start-ups #how-do-you-start-a-business #startups #entrepreneurship

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Timothy Jun 10, 2016 2852 views

What are the benefits of interning/working for a startup?

I am a high school student and in my current search for internships, everywhere I turn, I see startups. Big companies such as Google and NASA have correspondingly big impact on resumes and portfolios but what do small startups have to offer in terms of extension and development of skill sets,...

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Daniel Jun 01, 2016 887 views

How does a venture capitalist know at first sight it's the next big thing

As a venture capitalist or investor, you always look to put your seeds in the next big thing and watch it grow to become a giant tree. But what's the 100% guarantee about the business you're funding and how do you know personally it's a wise move, besides the profile on paper #startups...

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Rohit May 24, 2016 814 views

Given the recent rise of SaaS and the gig economy, has entrepreneurship become more ubiquitous? Can uberification benefit all industries, or only a select few?

I've done some preliminary research on the on-demand economy and its risings in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I want to learn more about its global effects. #technology #entrepreneurship #information-technology #startups #artificial-intelligence #saas

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Emilie May 24, 2016 1099 views

What are the most important traits that employers should have to keep employees?

After I graduate from college I plan to start a business. Having reliable employees is key to having a successful business and I want to know how be a good boss. #entrepreneurship #business-management #startups

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Amy May 20, 2016 1374 views

Does anyone have a degree in business and computer science?

Hello! When deciding on what to major, I have two ideas in mind -- one is computer science and the other is in business. Does anyone have both of these degrees and want to explain the job opportunities that have come your way? Is it helpful to have a degree in both CS and business? Are the job...

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James May 18, 2016 1365 views

Is it better to start your own chiropractic practice or to join one after chiropractic school?

I am asking this question because I'm looking forward to attending chiropractic school at Life University soon as I have been accepted there. #business #doctor #finance #doctorate-degree #student-loans #startups #money-management #debt #healthcare-it #chiropractic

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Ellen May 08, 2016 975 views

Will studying global business strategy help me if I am looking to create my own startup company?

I am interested in one day opening my own firm or startup. I would like to be prepared and am not sure what i can do to get on that track. #business #startups

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Anina Apr 27, 2016 3248 views

What are the advantages and disadvantages of working for a big corporation vs a smaller company or even startup?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at Career Village. I'm curious to learn what influenced your decision to work for a big corporation over a smaller one (or vice versa). We don't hear as much about how people go about finding/selecting the companies they want to work...