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D'Andrea H. May 05, 2016 478 views
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What college classes should you take to become a personal trainer?

My back up plan is become a personal trainer so I wanted to know what courses I should take for that career. #physical #physical-trainer #physical-fitness #career #college...


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Jordan G. May 27, 2016 463 views

Is having athletic training experience helpful if I was interested in going into Physical Theraphy?

I will be starting college in the fall and pursuing an athletic training degree. When I graduate I will be a certified athletic trainer. I also have the option to go into Physical Therapy post-grad. I am wondering if it would be good to get some experience with my athletic training degree...

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Peer Career Coaches J. Sep 29, 2016 639 views

What is the most difficult part of being a physical therapist?

I am a sophomore in college and I just decided to declare my major as pre physical therapy, and I was looking for a little more insight on the job itself! #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #physical-trainer #anatomy #exercise-physiology #exercise-science...


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Thaddeus W. Aug 17, 2016 569 views

What job opportunities are there for retire Navy SEALs?

I want to be a Navy SEAL after graduating from Virginia Military Institute, I became interested in Physical therapy/training after having to go through therapy after two ACL reconstruction therapies. #physical-therapist #physical-trainer...


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Deja A. May 19, 2016 562 views

College Classes

I'm very confused on how college works. If I'm aspiring to be a Physical Therapist, my Freshman year, can I take classes dealing with my aspired major or do I have to take certain classes like, History, English, Mathematics? #physical-therapist #athletic-training...


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Deja A. May 19, 2016 440 views

Physical Therapy

If I'm wanting to go down the path of physical therapy, what should I get my bachelor's in, Athletic Training, or Kinesiology? (I'm wanting to be more of a Sports Physical therapist, working with sports related injuries.) #physical-therapist #athletic-training...


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Richard R. May 18, 2016 1156 views
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Omega R. May 03, 2016 477 views

What colleges are the best to attend for a double major in kinesiology and pre-physical therapy?

I am in the 11th grade and would like to go to college for physical therapy. I feel as though the best way to do this is by starting off with a double major in kinesiology and pre-physical therapy. I am trying to figure out which school would make this as smooth as possible. #college...

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Trey N. Apr 13, 2016 440 views

How many years does it take to receive a masters degree in Kinesiology ?

I am interested on being a trainer or physical theropist....


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Sebastian D. Apr 13, 2016 595 views

how many years of college do i have to do to do Kinesiology

I really wanna work around sports and i wanna help people at the same time...


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Mariah B. May 19, 2015 913 views

What are some good colleges/universities to attend for athletic training ?

Hi ! I am a junior who attends Madison Park Technical Vocational High School Am i am in the medical vocation. I am 17 years old and i am a rising senior. I already know what i want to study in college but i don't know where to go to study it. I want be get out of Massachusetts & maybe go to...

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Eric S. Dec 15, 2014 13560 views

What are challenges that Physical Therapists face on a day to day basis?

I am a Junior in high school and I am looking into being a Physical Therapist. I want to be a Physical Therapist because I feel that I would be able to relate to the patients because I have had my fair share of experience being a patient. #doctor #physical-therapist #athlete #physical-trainer...

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Dasan C. Dec 03, 2014 772 views

What major should I look into if i am interested in physical training?

I love basketball and my dream is to go to the NBA and play but if not i want to be a physical trainer and I've been through most injuries and I would like prevent people from these injuries. #medicine #sports...


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Michael B. Oct 21, 2014 773 views

What is the average salary of a Physical Therapist?

I would like to know what is the average salary that a physical therapist makes. #physical-therapist...


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Breana A. Sep 09, 2014 841 views

Looking in on going into Sports Medicine help?!?

Im looking into being a sports medicine physician and wondering what it is I really need to be if i want to go into the Hockey field, helping the athletes with their injuries. How long in school (2 year or four) and really what it is i need to become a sports medicine physician? #medicine...

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