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Is having athletic training experience helpful if I was interested in going into Physical Theraphy?

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I will be starting college in the fall and pursuing an athletic training degree. When I graduate I will be a certified athletic trainer. I also have the option to go into Physical Therapy post-grad. I am wondering if it would be good to get some experience with my athletic training degree before going into PT school. Would there be a benefit to have some AT experience before going into PT school? #healthcare #physical-therapist #athletic-training #physical-trainer #physical-fitness

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Nicolas’s Answer

Absolutely! I completed my BS in athletic training at the University of Texas at Austin and am also going to apply for PT school in the near future. My top 2 classmates from my grade completed their BS in AT too and had automatic acceptance to UTMB for their Doctorate in PT. They told me they are ahead of the other people in their class because they got all their basics out of the way in their undergrad.