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College Classes

I'm very confused on how college works. If I'm aspiring to be a Physical Therapist, my Freshman year, can I take classes dealing with my aspired major or do I have to take certain classes like, History, English, Mathematics? #physical-therapist #athletic-training #physical-trainer

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2 answers

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phillip’s Answer

Most major, you’re first couple of years you will be taking core classes such as what you have listed plus some electives. If you are going to become a PT, I would suggest that you get a bachelor in athletic training or pre-med after that you can apply to PT school. It used to be that PT were a master degree not it is a doctoral degree. Good luck!

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Brendon’s Answer

Philip is Right PT programs have turned into Dr degrees, however they are still only three years' long, occasionally three and a half, after your initial bachelor's degree. Just FYI.

About your initial question I would take a mixture of general education classes, major specific classes, and presents for PT school. (A list for most every schools' prerequisites can be found at ptcas. org) a few pieces of advice I would take Anatomy fairly early because it will open up chances to take higher-level Anatomy classes which will help prepare you for graduate school, if you would like. But more importantly you would have the chance to apply for position such as teaching assistant, or lab assistant which can help you save for school as well as increase your knowledge base before beginning graduate school. Last note I would recommend taking your second general english later (as either a junior or senior) because it will allow you to prepare yourself for the GRE which almost every PT school in the nation requires.