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Commercial Sales at Dell
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
Austin, Texas
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Logan’s Avatar
Logan May 25, 2016 939 views

I am soon-to-be high school graduate, planning to attend Baylor University, majoring in mechanical engineering. I have an interest in aerospace. What types of internships would make me stand out to future employers?

Just planning ahead and wanting to be successful in my future job. #engineering #aerospace-engineering #mechanical

Blake’s Avatar
Blake May 25, 2016 818 views

Once settled into a job for multiple years what is the best way to ask for a raise if one has not already been given to you?

Just curious for further down the road #money #college-jobs

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 25, 2016 655 views

How many years after achieving a bachelors degree will it take to become an oncologist?

I'm enrolled at Jacksonville State University as a freshman for fall 2016. I'm majoring in biology, but plan to enroll in medical school after college with plans to be a pediatric oncologist. #doctor

Joshua ’s Avatar
Joshua May 25, 2016 840 views

Should I go into pre med or business administration?

I am stuck between choosing two majors for college and I need help choosing. #college #students

Priscilla’s Avatar
Priscilla May 23, 2016 816 views

Does your major matter when applying to medical school?

I want to go to medical school, but I am a Math major. I am a sophomore in college. #doctor

Callie’s Avatar
Callie May 23, 2016 964 views

Once you complete a degree and become certified to teach elementary in one state how hard is it to become certified in another state?

I am looking at getting an elementary education degree in North Dakota and I am wondering how hard it is to get certified to teach in other states after that. #education #elementary

Callie’s Avatar
Callie May 23, 2016 807 views

What part time job would be good to get while in college that will help with getting a job after graduation for elementary education?

I am going to need a job during college so it may as well be something useful for my degree. #elementary-education

Mark’s Avatar
Mark May 23, 2016 947 views

What should I do if I don't know what I want to study?

I'm not sure what my passions are. #college #career

Veronica’s Avatar
Veronica May 23, 2016 1182 views

What is your best advice on how to stay motivated and sucessfull in your first years in college?

I will begin my freshman year of college this coming fall and I will be staying on campus. It's my first time away from home and I'm worried about getting lazy or procrastinating causing my grades to suffer. What's your best advice on how to stay on track while college bound? #college-bound...

Camille’s Avatar
Camille May 20, 2016 1131 views

I want to be a clinical psychiatrist in the future. What should my steps be to achieve this goal?

I'm a senior in high school and I am intersested in becoming a clinical psychiatrist because someone inspired me and I believe in myself. #psychology #pre-med #psychiatry

Jabrea’s Avatar
Jabrea May 20, 2016 756 views

If I do summer classes will there be a guarantee that I will graduate early or on time?

I am asking this because I applied to a school as undecided, I though that I was not going to get accepted into the nursing program. The lady I spoke to said that I will be on a 5 year track because the nursing program is filled up now. I was hoping that I could take summer classes or...

Marissa’s Avatar
Marissa May 20, 2016 1052 views

What should I know about my first year majoring in education in community college?

I am planning on going to Dutchess Community College. #college #professor #students #professors #community

Shantavia’s Avatar
Shantavia May 20, 2016 695 views

Time Management

I find it difficult to manage my time. studying for Nursing School, cooking and planning my day with the kids. any Advice?

Francis’s Avatar
Francis May 20, 2016 2219 views

What is the best way to overcome test anxiety?

I have struggled with test anxiety beginning in early elementary school. I am looking for advise as to how to overcome this issue
so I can be the most confident when tests are presented. #test #anxiety

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 20, 2016 711 views

Is it better to piuck a roomate or get a random one?

I am personally doing this at the moment and am entering my first year of college and don't know anyone, so I need some help. #college-life