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What should I know about my first year majoring in education in community college?

Asked Yorktown Heights, New York

I am planning on going to Dutchess Community College. #college #professor #students #professors #community

2 answers

Georganne’s Answer

Updated Burbank, California
Melissa, Community college can be a good start to your college education. You get acquainted to college life and a feel for your major and what it will take in the amount of study hours / research and commitment to set your schedule and attend class on a regular basis. Usually your first two y ears will consist of completing and passing your required GE ( general education) lower division courses in math, English / w rioting, social science / history, humanities, physical/natural-life science along with a core of lower division courses specific to your major which will also serve as pre-requisite for your upper division classes which will then be completed at a 4- year college/university when you transfer. Of course you have the choice to stay 2 years and complete an Associate degree relative to your major and then transfer or you can transfer after only one year. You want to make sure the courses you take at your community college are transfer and applicable to a bachelor's degree. Please be sure to utilize the college resource center and to meet regularly with your advisor which will usually be assigned to you once you register . Also be sure to attend Freshman orientation.

phillip’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Your first couple of years will be core classes.Your academic adviser will have a whole plan for you. You should schedule a meeting him/her asap.