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What is the most difficult part of being a physical therapist?

I am a sophomore in college and I just decided to declare my major as pre physical therapy, and I was looking for a little more insight on the job itself! #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #physical-trainer #anatomy #exercise-physiology #exercise-science #scince

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1 answer

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Joe’s Answer

Although I do not have a background in Physical Therapy I do have extensive experience in counseling. If you have not done so then here are my recommendations BEFORE you start down this path.

  1. Volunteer at rehab centers (children and elderly) to see if the work is what you want.

  2. Meet with current PT students and find out their likes/dislikes of the program

  3. Meet with people at various stages of their career and find out their likes/dislikes of the program

  4. Don't only look at the initial services/job you would perform, look at what the potential is for future growth within the field for management or teaching

These are a few things to look at before jumping into the field.