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Peer Career Coaches J. Sep 29, 2016 665 views

What is the most difficult part of being a physical therapist?

I am a sophomore in college and I just decided to declare my major as pre physical therapy, and I was looking for a little more insight on the job itself! #physical-therapist #physical-therapy #physical-trainer #anatomy #exercise-physiology #exercise-science...


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Ravi T. Jun 23, 2016 521 views
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Gnanam Sowindariya M. Jun 22, 2016 519 views

Do we have a good scope Physiotherapist in India

Hai I am Gnanam. Do we have scope to do Physiotherapist in India. #doctor #career #teacher #physician #training...


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Sabrina S. Jun 04, 2016 575 views

Should I choose an obscure major for Physical Therapy school or stick with Exercise Science?

I am going to be a first year undergraduate student in the fall at Pacific University Oregon. The most popular majors are the health sciences and I am planning on majoring in Exercise Science. However, I know it is very difficult to get into Doctor of Physical Therapy school after I graduate...

#kinesiology #therapy #physical-therapist #exercise-science #physical #exercise-physiology #physical-therapy

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Amos G. Dec 01, 2015 831 views

What is the reccomended educational track for a recent college graduate (Exercise and Sports Science) who desires to pursue a career in nursing.

I have done a lot of research but haven't found a lot of useful advice for recent college grads with a bachelor's. In college, due to various reasons, I also had a poor gpa, is there any way around this, or to fix this? #nursing #nursing-education...


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Josh M. Jun 18, 2015 870 views

If i study exercise science or physiology as my major can nutrtion be minor for me in college

I am a freshman at City Charter high school and i am interested in becoming personal trainer something to do with exercise. Also i am interested in the nutrition filed being certified and just learning all about nutrition. All answer will help also any colleges i might be interested in looking...

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