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If i study exercise science or physiology as my major can nutrtion be minor for me in college

I am a freshman at City Charter high school and i am interested in becoming personal trainer something to do with exercise. Also i am interested in the nutrition filed being certified and just learning all about nutrition. All answer will help also any colleges i might be interested in looking for a military college. #nutrition #exercise-physiology

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2 answers

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Natalia’s Answer

Hi Josh!
You could certainly major in physiology and minor in nutrition, it mainly depends on what school you attend and what options of majors and minors they have! Many colleges have "nutrition and health" or "nutrition and food sciences" minors, it just takes a little bit of research to determine which college is right for you and if they have the programs you are interested in.

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Jenn’s Answer

If the school you go to offers this, absolutely! It'd be a great way to help you be more well-rounded, as in my experience, the nutrition courses in exercise science offer rather entry level information.