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Josh Jun 25, 2015 1163 views

Are you able to enlist straight in as an airborne ranger or what do you have to do first

I am a freshman at city high i am interested in enlisting and becoming and airborne ranger after 12th grade all advice will help. #military

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Josh Jun 22, 2015 1339 views

What is the significance and how to become and army airborne ranger

I am a freshman in city charter high i am interested in joining the airborne rangers right out of high school i would like somebody who is a ranger veteran to tell me the significance and what its like to be a ranger. also how do i become a ranger how do i sign up and what is it like....

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Josh Jun 18, 2015 1441 views

If i study exercise science or physiology as my major can nutrtion be minor for me in college

I am a freshman at City Charter high school and i am interested in becoming personal trainer something to do with exercise. Also i am interested in the nutrition filed being certified and just learning all about nutrition. All answer will help also any colleges i might be interested in looking...

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Josh Jun 10, 2015 1039 views

is there anyone with military college experience who can tell me the real requirements academically and how it is at a military college.

i am a freshman that goes to city charter high and i am interested in going to the citadel military college. i just want to find out the actual requirements academically to get in the school. everybody says you need straight A's this that but i wan to know exactly what you need and what i got...

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Josh Jun 05, 2015 892 views

How and what subjects should i been interested in looking if i want to study a nutrition major in college

i am a freshman at city charter high school in Pittsburgh PA. I am a health nut and a fitness nut i play a lot of sports and very into nutrition. I want to go to a military college such as west-point, citadel but that's not the point. I am very interested in nutrition and that's what i wan to...