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Are you able to enlist straight in as an airborne ranger or what do you have to do first

I am a freshman at city high i am interested in enlisting and becoming and airborne ranger after 12th grade all advice will help. #military

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2 answers

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Gary’s Answer

Here is some information on how to become an Airborne Ranger:
Good luck!

Join the Army
Most recruits accepted to Ranger school come from the Army. To join the Army, fill out an application either online or in-person at a recruiting center. When a recruiter contacts you, tell him about your desire to join the Rangers and he'll guide you as to how to gain experience during your enlistment that will look favorable to the school's selection committee. You'll take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, which will further identify your skills. Go to the military entrance processing station to complete a physical examination, select specialties available to you based on your test results and formally join the Army.

The minimum prerequisites for volunteering to Ranger school are completing one year of active duty and getting your airborne certification. While the ranks of students range from private first class to captain, most accepted recruits are either lieutenants or specialists with an average age of 23. You may not get accepted until you've been in the Army for a while and risen through the ranks. The Army uses competition and scores on pre-Ranger courses as a component of their selection process. While women can go to Ranger school, they cannot become Airborne Rangers.

Ranger School
Ranger school is a 61-day leadership academy that focuses on squad and platoon operations including reconnaissance, ambush and raid. In addition to field craft instruction, training includes experiential learning involving inducing mental and psychological stresses and physical fatigue to teach a soldier how to lead during these extreme circumstances. Training is intense, with recruits working about 20 hours a day, much of which is heavy physical labor, while consuming limited rations and getting very little sleep.

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Greg’s Answer

I think Gary has you covered Josh. Great answer Gary. Don't be afraid to check out the other service branches as well. I served in the Marine Corps for 5 years and it was an amazing experience. Marine Recon or Scout Snipers would be a comparable experience to Rangers. A Marine recruiter could fill you in on the requirements for Recon or Snipers. Hope you are focused on keeping a high level of physical fitness as the physical demands of becoming a Ranger will push you to your limits. If your mind can conceive, your body can achieve!