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Career Questions tagged Exercise

Renee’s Avatar
Renee Jul 11 108 views

How Can I Become an Exercise Physiologist?

I am entering my senior year of college and I am studying exercise science. I am looking to learn more about exercise physiology. How do I get this job?

Nga’s Avatar
Nga Jul 18, 2020 470 views

What are some ways I can become a volunteer dog walker?

#college-admissions #volunteer #july20 #dogs #exercise

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jul 12, 2018 422 views

Education needed to become a personal trainer?

Things you can consider for this specific question... What is the highest degree needed to become a personal trainer? Are there multiple paths to becoming a personal trainer? What is the best undergraduate degree to earn to become a personal trainer? Is there any other experience/certification...

Deion’s Avatar
Deion Apr 11, 2018 335 views

How many careers are there where there is moving and placing storage?

I was wondering if there are any careers that just include moving things around for certain clients. #labor #moving #exercise #mover #blue-collar

Alexas’s Avatar
Alexas Jan 16, 2018 428 views

Does Exercise Science fall under the catergory of classes you take for Sports Medicine to become a physical therapist?

I wanted to take exercise science, but not if i don’t have to take it and it not having anything to do with my career pathway
#healthcareer #physical therapy #exercise science

isaiah ’s Avatar
isaiah Mar 08, 2017 638 views

What are some exercises I can do to improve in football?

I've been playing football for 5 years and it's something I love doing, But i would love to improve on things i'm weak at. #sports #football #training #exercise #fitness-training

Alexus’s Avatar
Alexus Feb 03, 2017 654 views

What job opportunities are there for a bachelors degree in exercise science/kinesiology?

I am a senior in high school and want to become a Physical Therapist, my undergraduate degree would be in exercise science or kinesiology. After I plan to get my DPT, but if for some reason I don't want to continue my education or life happens after my four years of college I'm interested in...

Marlee’s Avatar
Marlee Dec 14, 2016 902 views

What degrees should I get to be a sports medicine therapist?

I want to rehabilitate athletes but I do not know what degrees I need to become liscenced. #sports #physical-therapy #athletic-training #exercise

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Oct 26, 2016 714 views

What kind of job opportunities are available for exercise science majors or strength and conditioning majors?

I'm a student looking to persue one of these majors in college and I'm curious as to all of the various jobs I could do with one of these majors. #science #sports #physical-therapy #athletic-training #exercise #strength-coach

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jul 01, 2016 1496 views

What are habits for success?

What do you do every morning to be productive during the day? At night?

Any tips are more than appreciated! :) #help #advice #success #fitness #exercise #routine #habits

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian May 23, 2016 892 views

When getting/applying for a job, does being good-looking help you on getting hired?

I'm a chemical engineering student in my senior year. In engineering, most guys in engineering don't really care about their appearance but they are definitely very intelligent. Aside from surviving the classes, I'm very physically active and i like to dress very clean. I want to know if all of...

David’s Avatar
David May 19, 2016 1124 views

Is the Demand for Gym Teachers diminishing?

Hi, I'm currently debating on whether to pursue a career in Exercise Sciences and become a Gym Teacher. However upon researching the job some more, some say that the demand for Gym Teachers is vanishing due to change in county's curriculum, apparently Gym class is not even part of some county's...