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What are some ways I can become a volunteer dog walker?

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6 answers

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Mallory’s Answer

I've always loved animals, dogs especially, so being able to take care of and walk dogs for others is one of my favorite pastimes. The way I've been able to stay involved doing this is by volunteering at my local humane society, making business cards to pass around to people in my neighborhood, and through an app called Wag where you can certify yourself to walk and sit dogs and search for people in your community who need someone to walk their dogs.

Mallory recommends the following next steps:

Research local shelters and humane societies to find out how to get involved and volunteer
Talk to your neighbors to see who may need a dog walker in the area
Download and sign up on the Wag app

Hi Mallory, your advice is insightful. I agree with your comments on talking to your neighbors and checking out the Wag App. Local Humane Society is a great way to volunteer. Sheila Jordan

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Richard’s Answer

One great way would be to use social media! You can use your own page or create a new page dedicated just to your volunteer dog walking.

You can use this to advertise to everybody you know and eventually spread the word to people you don't know. Just post that you're willing to walk anybody's dog for free and the times you're available. You could also try posting flyers advertising your services in restaurants. Get the word out there,
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Jenny’s Answer

That's a great way to get exercise and earn a little cash! is a great resource to offer your services for folks looking for help in your community. There are many other types of apps you can join as well. I would also suggest join your Facebook neighborhood communities and Next Door as way to connect with people in area with dog walking needs.
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Melisa’s Answer

Hi Nga,

I'm a huge dog fan myself and have two, big lovable dogs in our house. As others have already shared with great suggestions, social media and apps can be very helpful. Word of mouth too. One of my cousins walks dogs for people in between studying at college and she often posts photos using her own hashtag, of her dog sitting and walking dogs for others.

If you have a helpful neighborhood app where you can target by area, this is great too, but of course, keep safety in mind and always make sure you are being safe online when looking for possible dog walking job opportunities.

Also, think of a ways to set yourself apart from others who may also be wishing to offer the same services. What makes you different in your services? How can you stand above your competition?

Best wishes to you in your future educational and career goals.
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Alyssa K.’s Answer

Hi Nga,

I would start by looking to see if there are apps for hiring dog walkers and
I would search on the internet for dog walking opportunities. Many options
pop up on Google, so I would start there and be sure to look for secured websites
where you can create a profile and make sure that it is safe.

I hope this helps, take care!

Alyssa Cole

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Deborah D.’s Answer

Dog walking is a great way to volunteer.
You can visit Senior Buildings and to talk management about offering
walks to tenants with pets.
Be sure to visit your local Animal Control Center, they may even have a Facebook page.

Let your friends and family know about your interest.
A lot of people know people who have dogs.
Best of luck!

Deborah D. recommends the following next steps: