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Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Nov 04, 2021 521 views

How do you apply for a job?>>>

#business #job-search #job #networking

jasmine’s Avatar
jasmine Jul 08, 2021 514 views

what are the hardest parts of the cosmetology industry?

I am 15 I dream of owning my own beauty shop in which I will do hair, nails makeup everything cosmetology related #cosmetology #owner #blackowned #business

Taleah’s Avatar
Taleah Nov 04, 2021 1583 views

Would you go to cosmetology school or business school first ? Why or why not ?

#graduate-school #cosmetology #business

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Jun 28, 2021 655 views

What career should I choose based on my interests?

I don’t know exactly what career I want to pursue, but I am very interested in science, technology and medicine as well as business and marketing. I feel like i am very statistics and data oriented. What career should I pursue based on these interests?

Demetrius’s Avatar
Demetrius Jun 29, 2021 1411 views

How to become a successful entrepreneur

#entrepreneu #entrepreneur #business #design #business-management

Weam’s Avatar
Weam Jul 02, 2021 1592 views

How do I apply for a job when I have no work experience or have done any volunteer work?

I am a newcomer and find it hard to start.
I need to start building my resume. #resume #volunteer #first-job

Casey’s Avatar
Casey Jun 08, 2021 721 views

When finding a place to work and volunteer at what should I look for in a company?

I want to be a marine biologist and work with animals like sharks, whales, and dolphins. #volunteer #marine-biology #job

Ngoc-Han’s Avatar
Ngoc-Han Mar 08, 2021 694 views

What kind of job I would do volunteer from this opportunity?


Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Feb 09, 2017 1046 views

How important is volunteer experience in a healthcare setting in preparation to becoming a nurse?

I have not yet volunteered at any hospitals or nursing homes but know that it's important to get volunteer experience. #nurse #healthcare #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #volunteer #hospitals #nursing-homes

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Feb 14, 2021 510 views

What kind of career should I choose?

Recently I've been wanting to become a person who makes a change in the world and be an inspiration to kids from all around the world. I would like to be a famous personality with full dedication to my career. I'm really good with my communication and writing skills. And I have political...

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Oct 26, 2020 654 views

What type of jobs are expected to experience a lot of growth in the near future?

Hi, I'm Nathan and I'm curious about which occupations are expected to grow significantly in the near future that pay well.
#career #business

Makenna’s Avatar
Makenna Oct 23, 2020 502 views

What is the most difficult part in working in the physical or occupational therapy profession?

I am a sophomore in high school and the past few years I have been wanting to become and physical or occupational therapist but I'm not really sure how well I would do in either of them. I am a outgoing person who is very motivated and compassionate. #therapy #career #business

Ahmad’s Avatar
Ahmad Nov 13, 2020 644 views

What College or University would most likely would help me succeed at becoming a actor.

I´m determined to succeed and follow my dreams. I would´t even doubt myself by giving myself a second choice. #acting #help #business #actor #thefuture

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Nov 13, 2020 540 views

How much money cost for a career?

#career #business #business #business #business #business #business #business #business #business

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Oct 29, 2020 532 views

What are the steps/tips to starting a (plant) business?

I want to start a business when I graduate college, what would be the main steps that one would need to know to start a new business? If you had any tips or things that weren't known right away, that would be another question. #business #tips #steps