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Delaney C.’s Avatar
Delaney C. May 13, 2016 624 views

I know getting into medical school is very competitive; generally is it better to go to a "lesser" undergraduate school and excel or is is better to go to a prestigious school and wind up in the middle of the pack?

It's a difficult decision to make, especially when you factor in cost, and scholarship availability in the more competitive schools. I have been going back and forth about trying to get into a more prestigious school for my undergraduate degree, realizing that I'll also have continuing costs...

#medicine-school #medicine #medicine-education

Nigel R.’s Avatar
Nigel R. May 18, 2016 835 views

How does one utilize HTML, CSS, and Java for computer science?

I was learning about HTML, CSS, and Java in school and at a computer tech camp called ID Tech Camp and was very interested in gaining an understanding on these computer languages. #computer #java #html...


Brandon H.’s Avatar
Brandon H. Feb 13, 2017 504 views

Does a Gold level in the NCRC mean that I am actually ready for a job, or is it just an ego boost?

I scored a Gold in the National Career Readiness certification exam and wondered about its 90% qualifier. And I wonder if it just judges the test taker by their abilities on the job or just at testing in general. #job-search #job-skills #employee-training #employee-benefits...


Esther A.’s Avatar
Esther A. Jan 17, 2018 300 views

What are some challeges mechanical engineers face when working?

It's still taking me a while to figure out whether this will be the best career for me. I want to know eveything before I finish college. #mechanical-engineering...


Victoria C.’s Avatar
Victoria C. May 15, 2016 525 views

Any suggestions on free resume building websites?

I am currently working on updating my resume and I would prefer to use a website to put my resume together. Any suggestions for free resume building websites?...


Anesa S.’s Avatar
Anesa S. Apr 06, 2018 251 views
Victoria C.’s Avatar
Victoria C. May 15, 2016 351 views

Suggested experiences to boost resume in health professions?

I am currently in grad school and I am interested in boosting my resume prior to graduating in order to increase my employability. Does anyone have any recommendations on good resume boosters? #health...


Anesa S.’s Avatar
Anesa S. Apr 06, 2018 227 views
Victoria C.’s Avatar
Victoria C. May 15, 2016 578 views

How do you ask an employer for a raise?

What is the best way to ask for a raise? This can be a touchy topic and I am not sure how to go about it. #salary...


Taya A.’s Avatar
Taya A. Aug 28, 2018 301 views

Is it worth putting all the time and money into going to medical school?

I am debating either becoming a medical doctor or a PA. I want the pay and title of a doctor. However, I also am not sure I want to spend all the time and money for the education of becoming one. #doctor #doctorate-degree #phd #student-loans #medicine...


Brandon H.’s Avatar
Brandon H. Feb 09, 2017 573 views

How often do Tech Representatives at a University obtain tickets?

I am wondering about the quantity of work required to be a help-desk or IT manager at a university. #university #information-technology #it-management...


Emma I.’s Avatar
Emma I. Jan 16, 2018 333 views

Political Science or International Relations?

Which should I major in? I am interested in working in foreign policy, but I'm not sure which is the better major to pursue for this. Should I go with the less specific Political Science, so I have a safety net if I don't like foreign policy? Or should I go more specific and really specialize...

#majors #college-major #international-affairs #political-science #international-relations

Brandon H.’s Avatar
Brandon H. Feb 20, 2017 612 views

Which businesses/jobs have prerequisites of Microsoft Office experience?

I am currently studying to obtain my Microsoft Master Certificate for 2013 Word, and will be obtaining my Excel Expert later on. I really was wondering about how often MOS experience is needed and who would be impressed by it. #business #office-management #microsoft-office #prerequisites...

#microsoft-word #microsoft-excel #microsoft-master

Elijah C.’s Avatar
Elijah C. Oct 31, 2016 589 views

Software engineering Income?

What kind of money does one make going into software engineering? How much does this vary? #software-engineering...


Allison H.’s Avatar
Allison H. Oct 23, 2016 476 views

What is being in a medical school like?

I want to go to medical school in the future. I'm curious about what it's like. Are you always up late? Was it too stressful? Did you enjoy yourself? Was it all worth it? #medicine...


Mykaelah F.’s Avatar
Mykaelah F. May 27, 2016 722 views

How do you make the choice of loving what you do, and doing the job because you have to?

I asked this question because most adults end up in dead-in jobs. How do you know that you are doing what you love, in order not to end up in a slump. #career #jobs #career-choice #student #graduate #life #career-plan...


Isabella G.’s Avatar
Isabella G. Sep 09, 2020 89 views

I really want to pursue a Broadway career. Will I be able to 1.) financially support myself and 2.) have a successful career.

I have been the leads in multiple musicals. I take vocal, dance( tap jazz and ballet), guitar and piano lessons. I take choir and theatre class at school and my overall vocal range is an E3 to a C#6. My belting range is from F#3 to a B4. I am thirteen soon to be fourteen so my voice has just...

#actress #musicaltheatre #broadway

Camryn C.’s Avatar
Camryn C. Aug 14, 2018 236 views

What would be a beneficial minor next to a psychology major?

I want to be a child psychologist one day, but some schools I plan to apply for require a minor. I want to be able to help individuals and have thought about opening a mental health store. This makes me wonder if business might be a good minor. #university #psychology #majors-and-minors...


Brandon H.’s Avatar
Brandon H. Feb 14, 2017 507 views

What things can I do to help brand my Twitch streams/YouTube videos?

I am more of asking this question for my brother, of whom is starting his own Twitch streams and is looking to gain more subscribers. #graphic-design #social-media #youtube #video-production #personal-branding #online-video-streaming...


Evelyn T.’s Avatar
Evelyn T. Oct 25, 2016 868 views

If I were to become an OB/GYN or a Pediatrician, would obtaining a nursing degree be appropriate? Will I have to obtain a Chemistry or Biology degree instead?

I am currently a Junior in high school; however, I am also enrolled as a Dual-Enrollment student. Currently, I am working on classes to satisfy my high school requirements and soon after, I will begin working on my classes that are needed to obtain either an Associate's Degree or a Bachelor's...

#pediatrics #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #medicine #doctor #obstetrics

Sarah Y.’s Avatar
Sarah Y. Apr 12, 2020 109 views

How does your job affect your lifestyle?

I was wondering how being a radiologist in the medical field has an affect on your personal life....


Sarah Y.’s Avatar
Sarah Y. Apr 12, 2020 76 views

What is a typical day at work like for you?

As a radiologist, what is the average day like for you regarding procedures and work hours?...


Cecile M.’s Avatar
Cecile M. Sep 21, 2020 120 views

What can I do to prepare myself for my future career?

I am a public health major with a minor in psychology. This is my junior year of college but I have no volunteer or internship experience and my resume looks pretty shabby. I know that I want to work in mental health field, but I do not have a clear idea on what exactly I want to do after...

#public-health #internships #health

Cayla A.’s Avatar
Cayla A. May 26, 2018 206 views
Maggie Y.’s Avatar
Maggie Y. Aug 26, 2020 115 views

How to figure out what industry I want to work in

Not sure about what jobs are suitable for myself...


Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. Jan 16, 2018 430 views

Teachers, do you like what you do? And if so can you explain what you like about your job?

I am looking to be a teacher, and I believe it will be nice and informing to know what other teachers think about their job, Thanks! #teaching...


Whit K.’s Avatar
Whit K. Oct 27, 2016 1618 views

How hard is it to find a job as a mechanical engineer?

I am planning on studying this field of engineering. I was wondering if other fields might be easier to get a job in. #engineering #jobs...


name L.’s Avatar
name L. Feb 04, 2020 64 views

how do I become

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Jayda W. Dec 12, 2019 420 views

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